BIOGRAPHY Albert’s reports did not show any sign

BIOGRAPHY OF ALBERT EINSTEINAlbert Einstein was a gifted German scientist and mathematician. He created many theories and equations that had changed the world, such as the very popular, E=mc2 or the quantum theory.

Although he is thought of as the smartest person alive, he has not always been this way. In his early years, he has always been curious, thought out of the box, and was very logical. He had been a loner and kept asking questions. However, he had not done well in school, he had once stated, “school has failed me, and I had failed school.

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The teachers acted like sergeants. I wanted to learn what I did not know, but they wanted me to learn for the exam”.Albert was born on March 14, 1879. During Einstein’s prime years, he had been born in Ulm the German Empire. Einstein had been a bad student and he had not found passion in math and science until the age of 12 when he picked up a geometry book. His parents had been working class salesman and engineers, Einstein’s family were Jews. When Albert turned 15 years of age, the family moved to Italy where his parents encouraged him to be a mechanical engineer.

Albert’s reports did not show any sign of this whatsoever even though he had an intellectual brain and was very gifted. Instead, it showed that Albert was not very bright and had to take a long time to learn. However, it was because he did not have an interest in learning what he did not want to learn and he also was not engaged in the rote learning method back then.Albert Einstein was not welcomed for his uniqueness. He was expelled due to having a poor attitude towards teachers and his education.

Not only this, but he was not welcomed to jobs and universities. He had to use a second chance to get in. During his career life, he had been a Swiss patient (after moving to swiss and giving up German identity). However, his passion for math and science had not changed ever since he read the book of geometry at the age of 12. From there, Albert was creating and inventing, finding solutions. That’s when he told the world his theories and became the best scientist and mathematician the world has ever known


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