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Biological Agent Ebola VirusThe Ebola Virus is considered a rare disease and can be very deadly. Ebola is a ribonucleic acid virus. It is caused by an infection with one of the five known Ebola virus species:• Ebola virus• Sudan virus• Tai Forest virus• Bundibugyo virus• Reston virusThe Ebola Virus is contagious between people and animals. Ebola virus was first coming about in 1976 near the Ebola River It has been infecting people for years. It also affects animals such as bats, apes, monkeys and duikers among other animals.Ebola virus is transmitted to people through direct contact. An example of transmission is in bodily fluids of a person who is sick with the virus. If a person touches the infected body fluids and has open skin or it gets in the eyes, nose or mouth they can get the virus.

It also spreads through contact with blood and tissue as well as sexually.There isn’t any history of Ebola being used as a weapon. There has been talk of it being used. The cost is so high to try and grow it to use as a massive weapon. It is too difficult to kill people in large numbers with the Ebola Virus.There are many symptoms of Ebola. Some symptoms include:• Fever• Severe headache• Muscle pain• Weakness• Fatigue• Diarrhea• Vomiting• Stomach pain• Unexplained hemorrhage There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or medicine for the Ebola Virus.

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If caught early enough there are some things that can be done to help improve the outcome for living through it. IV fluids and balancing electrolytes help the body greatly. It is also important to maintain oxygen levels and keep a check on blood pressure. If other infections occur, they can be treated as needed. Recovery from Ebola depends on the level of care obtained when contracting it. Even though it is very deadly there is always a chance for survival.


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