is an American super hero

Black Panther” is an American super hero movie released in 2018. The story is adapted from the manga story of Marvel Comics.

The film is directed by Quinn’s Ryan Kugler. The main stage of the film is set in Wakanda, a fictional monarchy in Central Africa, with the world’s richest financial resources and cutting-edge technology. Known to the world. For hundreds of years, the Wakanda people lived a happy life in the country and the people, relying on the wise leader “The Panthers” and abundant vibranium resources. They used this mysterious metal called vibranium to manufacture an upgraded version of the magnetic levitation train. Sonic cannons and other high-tech weapons.

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Christopher Orr of the Atlantic Monthly summed it up quite a bit. He believes that the Panthers depict an ideal African landscape: “An advanced African civilization, thriving in isolation, untouched by war or colonialism”; “an African nation that could serve as a beacon of hope—curing diseases, offering foreign aids, accepting refugees—across the continent and beyond.”; “as the vanguard of a global revolution to in existing the existing racial order.”


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