Blen, While in High School”) Students should have

Blen, Ruth Z and Chade 4/25/18English Pd.6Ms.Antezana and Ms.Turner Should High School Students Have Jobs? (From article “Professional Students: Benefits and Risks of working While in High School”) Students should have jobs while in High School. One reason is because it gives them an insight on how their future career is going to look like. In the article, the author indicates, “A job answering phones,running errands or performing administrative tasks enables students to understand how fields they are interested in work day to day and what those careers demand in terms of education,skill, and commitment.” The reason that this quotation from the article supports the claim is because it explains how high school students would learn a lot from working as a teenager, and the experience would be highly beneficial to them in college and out in the real world.

It would help them know how the field they wish to enter as adults operates. It would help them develop an aspect of their future careers.Another reason is because they would be able to help families financially. According to this article, “Many High school students have jobs to help support their families; others work to earn spending money or contribute toward a college fund.” this states that it would ensure them a reasonable amount of money for them to spend on either their family or their college fees. If they have money on their hands, students can help cover a few of their family’s expenses and reduce the stresses of their parents, which in turn will benefit themselves and their siblings if they have any.

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It would show gratitude and love to their parents, for all they have done for them, when students support their families financially and through many other ways.In addition, it can teach students life skills. According to the article. “Students learn skills and responsibility by working, learning to budget time and is a skill that many students don’t learn until they’re in college or in their actual careers. Yet knowing how to handle numerous responsibilities helps students prepare for the academic rigor of college.” This quotation supports my claim because it explains that you could learn a lot of life skills when having a job so that when you go off to college you’ll be prepared for living on your own and having a job.

Overall, having a work at an early age teaches a lot of helpful lessons to teenagers. Students who work learn how to manage their time. It teaches the children to be grateful for all of the things that their parents have done for them. It also helps build their resume, which the college board will love to see.

It would help them be tactical with how they do things and when they do it. Sure there are disadvantages that could occur when students work during high school but the benefits are bigger than the disadvantages. A job would restrict a student from slacking off and it would make them grow to a greater person. There could be a chance where high school students could not understand other reasons why a job is important, they could indicate that they only need it for the money. That is true but another important aspect is that it would prepare them for their future works and truth be told students need all the help they can get to succeed.


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