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Bob JiangMs. PachecoEnglish III/Period 627 September 2018Final Book ReportBenitez, Sandra. A Place Where the Sea Remembers. New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc.

, 1993. 163. Setting: 1980s, Puerto Rico, United StatesCharacters: (List 5, and label the protagonist and antagonist. Use 2 adjectives to describe each character.)1. Chayo (Protagonist) — tragic, unfortunate2. Marta (Antagonist) — selfish, tragic3. Candelario — loving, innocent4.

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Remedios — loving, neutral5. Don Justo — lonely, tragicTheme: If you try to mess with fate with selfish intentions in mind, those selfish intentions will come back to haunt you.Plot: (Describe the plot in several paragraphs.)The story happened about thirty years ago. Chayo and Candelario were couples and they lived together happily. Both Chayo and Candelario were really young. Candelario was a worker who paints walls and other things like furniture.

However, they did not live this happy life for a long time. As time goes by, more people started to get to know that they were couples, and they wanted Chayo and Candelario to have children. The couple themselves wanted to have children too. However, they just could not have any children. They are curious about what actually happened that stopped them from having any children. They had an appointment for a doctor in order to give Chayo a physical examination to check whether she has some kind of diseases like infertility. However, the result came out, and her body was fine and she did not have any diseases at all. At the same time, Chayo’s sister, Marta, had a child.

Later, the readers would know that, this child’s name is Richard. She had this child because she got raped by someone else. She did not want to take care of the child, and she gave the child to her sister, Chayo, and let her take care of her.

Then, she went into a conflict with her sister. (I will talk about the conflict below, so I would not talk about it here.) At the end of the story, Richard, Marta’s son, died because of a flood and got washed away into the sea.Conflict: (What is it and how is it solved?) The main conflicts in this entire story are all about children. Marta has been raped when she was fifteen years old, and then she became pregnant.

She was selfish and did not want to keep the child she had given birth to. Instead, she wanted her sister, Chayo, to take care of him. Marta herself wants to travel to different places. At that time, Chayo and her husband did not have any children, and they accepted the child. However, they later did have a child, and they did not want to keep Marta’s child anymore. Therefore, Marta and her sister started to have a conflict. Later, Marta went to see Remedios to seek for advice. However, even Remedios thought that she was too selfish and refused to help her.

After that, Marta became angry because of that. She went to see a witch to curse Chayo’s son. A few years later, Chayo found out about the curse that Marta gave for Chayo’s son. Chayo was furious about that, and broke the relationship between her and her sister.Application: (Describe something in the novel that is similar to something you or someone you know has experienced.)I have described the theme of the book above.

The theme of the book — selfish intentions — applies to me, but not too much. As you can tell, there are not a lot of people like Marta that are so selfish. And she has reasons to become as selfish as this — she has been raped before, and this left her a psychological shadow. I sometimes become selfish too, but not as often as Marta did. I remember a thing that has happened probably last year. There was a party at my friend’s house, and there was plenty of food there. I like food, and I started to get the food.

There was a dessert that one of my friends brought, and he did not have enough for everyone that attended the party. I went to grab the dessert, but some of my friends did not get it. I knew that these friends would not be happy because of that.Recommendation: (Describe your feelings about the book and give 2 reasons why you would or would not recommend it.)I have written several weekly book reports before I write this final book report. Even I think that it is interesting how I change my mind about this book so often. I have expressed my feelings, both positive and negative ones, about this book.

The reason of me to either approve or disapprove the book was all about whether I understood the plot in the book or not. Now I actually understand the plot of the book. If you follow the pattern of my thoughts of the book, you would predict that, in my final review of the book, I should be saying how I like the book.

However, my final thought about the book is that I would not recommend it. I do not plan to say positive things about the book. It is true that I now actually understand everything that happened in this book, but unfortunately, I would still not recommend it. This might be confusing, so let me explain why I would not recommend this book. I have two major reasons to disapprove the book. One of them is my first-time impression of the book.

It has already explained by me in one of my previous book reports, which I disapproved the book while I understood it. I would not like to recommend it, because if you try to read the book, you would probably have the same feeling as I had before. You would not like the book the first time you read it. You would probably even give up the book. That is one reason for me to not recommend the book, and there is also another one. It is also about the understanding of what is actually happening in the novel, just like the first reason that I gave. The reason is that the author of the book is Puerto Rican, and her native language is Spanish.

This caused problems for me while I was reading the book. Since she speaks Spanish, she sometimes adds Spanish words into the novel. And I obviously do not understand Spanish. Therefore, I was having trouble understanding the book. Therefore, if you do not understand Spanish, you would have a hard time understanding the novel, just like I did.

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