Bonnie such as robberies, murders, and shoot out

Bonnie and Clyde In 1929 the great depression has brought many people to hardship, the financial market has ceased, there were droughts that turned crops dry, and higher crimes. The most infamous outlaw among all other criminals were the pair of young lovers Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie was raised in the worst city in Texas that was know for a high criminal rate. She was previously married but fell in love with Clyde after her husband arrest. Along with their reckless behavior in their notorious criminal acts such as robberies, murders, and shoot out wars, Bonnie and Clyde remained unstoppable for a while. Bonnie and Clyde were able to continue their criminal activity for so long without being stopped because they would travel from state to state to commit their crime. The officers in each state couldn’t catch the young couple on time but had reported them as the most dangerous people. Almost in every state that the couple landed if an officer would appear they would simply shoot the officers.

Bonnie and Clyde never hesitated to shoot anyone who would stop them from their criminal act and then run getting away. America had no national police force which made it easier for the couple to escape from town to town or state to state. If I was a law enforcement I would have catch the couple by first sending out warnings to other officers in every state, so if they see the couple they can be warn of their shootings and create an army to stop them. The way that the couple was killed by the officers was one of the smartest ways which was by ambushing them. All this criminal act probably inspired the law to be stricter in creating a national police force. When Clyde join the Barrow gang they managed to steal a supply of weapons from a military facility, that’s a way of noticing how the safety from the guard wasn’t so secure. Security is key to safety and creating a force of security throughout the states regardless of the depression, the officer should be aware that society at one point will become desperate as some would create criminal acts.

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The force at this time should be able to protect the innocent people and themselves from delinquents.


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