Both people in each sector, the organisation

Both organisations’ aims are to give the best possible service to students/customers and their structures reflect this because they are divided into different sectors to best support them; due to having highly skilled people in each sector, the organisation will work effectively consequently will achieve their main goal. Concerning strategic planning, it is the responsibility of the CEOs or in Weymouth College’s case, the directors’ responsibility. The mission of Weymouth College is to ‘transform lives and contribute to economic and social regeneration – bringing skills and knowledge to life’ and the values of the college include; acting with integrity and mutual respect, promoting equality of opportunity and celebrate cultural diversity, foster high expectations.

Specsavers mission is ‘to passionately provide best value eye care to everyone, simply, clearly and consistently, exceeding customer expectations every time’ and their values is all about giving back environmentally which is what they talk about proudly in their annual review.

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