Both differences both stores? Let’s take a look:

Both Target and Walmart are major retailers, big-box sellers with giant stores to accommodate the high demands and large numbers of shoppers. They both cater to the same clientele and sell similar things.

The differences between them start right at the door and can be seen in every step. As soon as you walk through Walmart automatic doors, you meet the “greeters”. The greeters are so “jolly” that you wonder if they operate a prison as their second job, or do they participate in sleep studies at night. Target greeters, if there are any, don’t do much “joy-spreading” either, but they look like more or less happy folk ready to take a smoke outside or chat with their buddies.So what are the real differences both stores? Let’s take a look:1. QualityThe prices are about the same, maybe slightly cheaper in Target. Quality is also similar, both retailers sell durable stuff. The main difference is when you come to style.

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Walmart has none. All clothes look like they were made for farmers or for heavy duty people moving stuff out of fire’s way.If you want to get something cheap that is also stylish, trendy, and with nice colors, go to Target. If you are looking for something that will have a decent wear, but no style, will be frumpy, with weak colors that will scream “I’m poor” – go to Walmart.2. ServiceService at Target is behind Walmart. The workers look puzzled when you ask them a question.

It seems like you are interrupting important chats with co-workers. And they usually don’t know the answer to the question, so no need to bother them.Employees at Walmart, aside from greeters, do know the answers to your questions and are willing to lead you to whatever you are looking for. In addition to that, many young kids at Walmart wear some outrageous outfits, fake eyelashes, and neon eye shadows, so you will be entertained too while walking to the towel section.3. LightingThe fluorescent lights in both places can give you a headache. Walmart lights seem a bit dimmer, but in a weird, seedy, cheap kind of way. You feel like you want to take a shower after shopping there.

4. LayoutThe arrangement of goods is a lot worse in Walmart. There is just something cold and confusing about it. The lighting is better at Target – the displays are cute and more inviting. The isles are clean, soft, and they call your name to get more stuff than you came there for.5. CartsTarget switched to plastic sturdy carts that are a pleasure to roll around.

You won’t sound like you’re rolling a lawn mower in front of you. Heck, you might even be able to talk on the phone while shopping and gently gliding through the aisles. Walmart still uses archaic carts that are very hard to separate. Target caters to mothers with a ton of big carts for kids. Walmart – you are lucky if you find any cart at all that will accommodate even one child. This alone can be a deal breaker for some of us.6.

PricesWhile both of them are relatively similar, Walmart can be more expensive of the two. All the poor people shopping at Walmart are being tricked into thinking that they are getting the best deal. While the initial price might be a bit cheaper, the long cost of poor quality is higher.

A lot higher.7. FoodBoth places are not known for selling gourmet food, but Walmart’s choices are a lot worse. The quality is worse, but the prices are the same or even higher.

The non-perishables look more or less OK; everything else seems to be getting bad as soon as you buy something.8. CustomersThis varies greatly by location. Most of the time people at Target look well put together, smartly clad, and trendy. Upper middle and middle class educated white and colored people. The merchandise signals the type of shoppers – ergo baby carriers, BOB strollers. Lots of Toms wearing moms, you imagine the type. Cars around Target are Prius, minivans, some civics, corollas, and a few Mercedes thrown in.

Toyota is the best represented. Walmart will always have more people of color. The gear is more on the budget – flimsy umbrella strollers and plastic Graco. The cars in the parking lot are all American – Mercury, Buick, and some old Aerostars.

The customers at Walmart are a lot friendlier and fun though. They will look at you and will say hi! They will be polite and will move their carts out of the way. Target customers can be very self-absorbed and snobby. 9. LanesWalmart has 30 lanes, but no more than 5 are ever open. Target has as many lanes open as the number of customers dictates.

They will also move you through the check out with such speed that you can tell they need to go outside to have a smoke. Walmart staff will have slow conversation with each other and with customers about every item; they will examine every bill slowly and thoroughly. This speed does not seem to bother anybody there, but don’t expect to get through express lane in less than 30 minutes with your two items. 10.

Target vs. Walmart memes onlinePeople might not love Target, but they really hate Walmart. This is really evident from various jokes and memes online.

In reality they both are big-box stores that are bad for environment and small business. They both don’t really care about their employees. In conclusion:Location – they both are often close to homePrice – they are comparable, but due to quality issues, Target offers more bang for your moneyService – it is better at WalmartOther customers – they are friendlier at WalmartLanes – Target is faster with more lanes openIsles – Target has better looking isles and lightingCarts – Target wins hands down


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