Brain and Brain Damage The brain of a

Brain Plasticity and Its Effects on Language Development and Brain DamageThe brain of a child is complex and fascinating, with the help of brain plasticity it has the ability to take over damaged parts of the brain. The brain is a vast part of the body that has the ability to control language outcomes and can ultimately determine if brain damage occurs. The brain of young children is especially plastic, meaning the brain can be molded into taking over functions of damaged Brain plasticity has plenty of benefits that shape the lives of children, but these changes can also bring forth language deficits due to brain injuries. Paragraph 1 (strokes ) The brain of a child is extremely plastic during their childhood. Unfortunately, children are prone to brain injuries and in some instances these injuries can cause life changing outcomes.

In a study conducted by (Ballantyne, Spilkin, Hesselink, & Doris, 2008) resulted in findings that regardless if children had unilateral brain damage or congenital hemiparesis their IQ over time decreased. An interesting aspect to this study is that researchers found that the reason children who have unilateral brain damage do not reach normal levels of development is because there is not sufficient functional brain plasticity. Paragraph 2 ( how bp effects language dev.) Paragraph 3 (mathematics Glenn)Paragraph 4 ( Phonetics critical periods, Zhang) Conclusion Brain plasticity has plenty of benefits but also brings

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