Brainstorming the production of bio products, giving

Brainstorming session
Area of interest for the session
The purpose of the meeting is to build a bioshop website, so the areas of interest will be:
Natural Sciences
That includes:
Biology specialists who are aware of bio products, tire contents, their production
Health Specialist to ensure that products are safe for use.Social Sciences
That includes:
Market specialists that segmentise clients who can bring profits and earn from the services provided by the website
Market study
That includes:
Market Specialist that will inform where to provide bio products for the safest production, where we can buy ,where we can sell, guaranteeing the first bio product.

Informing participants for the production of bio products, giving details about the time of the season when they are produced.

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List of stakeholders whom you will invite to the session
In order for the meeting to be efficient and to serve for the creation of a successful website I think to be 10 to 15 people , not more because it’s true that more people means more ideas but sometimes can lead to nervousness as not everyone would have time to share their opinions and ideas.
Users of the system ( admin, people that are interested in bioshopping/navigate into the system).Operators of the system (responsible to run the day-to-day operation of a server).Developers (responsible people to create and maintain website)Customers (people who follow the website and buy products)Regulators (responsible for maintaining system security and protects customers rights).Secretary (responsible to write down the ideas told by participants).The length of the session
The plan is to have several mini-session as it’s much better than long one without breaks. This way participants have the opportunity to rest ,have a short break ,refresh their thoughts and come with fresher ideas. Each mini-session may last 1h 30min, while about the total session it depends on how long the discussions will be , but at least 3 is needed.

How you will get buy-in  from participants
During the presentation we have to be convinced using arguments, also giving concrete examples this way you can be more near with the participants, because nowadays it’s really important to be present in the market even if you don’t have an revolutionary idea. We can use methods like:
Provide product testers to give the participants the opportunity to experience/use the products that will be sold on the website.

Presentation with video showing people’s impressions on products.

Statistics obtained from questionnaires for quality of service, also for product quality.

5. Criteria for evaluation of ideas
At the end it doesn’t really matter how good is the idea ,what is important is how you promote it to the others. Every decision you would make will be risky.So some criteria for evaluation of ideas are:Believe The people responsible for building the bioshop website should always believe in their idea whether is successful or not, they need to be able to let everyone know why they choose that path.ClarityBe sure about the way you want to follow while building the bioshop website, specify the actors, also consider every pros/cons of developing this system. Usability Before you start defining the topic you going to build the website ,ask if this idea of bioshop do fulfill a need ,and is a market demand or not. The system must be used by a wide range of customers to be successful in the market. StabilityYou have to think how much time this idea will be required in the market, so its bioshop a one time unique need or customer demand. Nowadays we can say that more and more people are interested in this field.StickinessWill bioshop be a trend in market or not ? ProfitabilityWill this idea of building a website about bioshop generate incomes ? It’s very important to provide funds from different sponsors, as this will help in growing the website.New Bioshop website has to be original and surprising to the customers.

How analogy technique and change of perspective technique might be used in the session.

During the session you have to analyise all the situations you may face during the development of the website .One method that can be used to change the perspective is analogy. It means to compare different things that may have something in common ,and this way you find the best solution about the system. The participants have to discuss questions like: What does your situation remind you of, what other areas of life/work experience similar situations etc.

7. Describe what room arrangement will be used
It is very important to find a comfortable environment to held the session. Participants should be seated in a round-shaped table to make them feel equal ,and it’s much easier for them to discuss seeing each other in eye. They may have notepads to write down their thoughts ,or questions. Don’t worry about expenses as long as you haven’t lost any idea. The session can start with icebreaker if participants aren’t used to work on group. Make sure you have all the tools ,resources that are needed. Also as the topic is bioshop website you can design the environment to look more green, also it’s a “hope” color it will affect good in participants mood.

8. How you will deal with the brainstorming paradox.
In the brainstorming paradox topic is inverted that means they may be questions focused on negative results ,and you have to deal with them in such a way to not loose support.Some advices are:Be clear in what you stand for Do not change your vision about the bioshop website, show that you believe in what you have been working for so long time ,this way you will start to build trust to others.Be clear that you respect the team you are leading Empower and trust the group you have been working with.Develop your technical skills Prepare for any question.Let go (of your power) and do it visibly Accept the difference of power between Leader and Follower.

9.Which document oriented techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtain
The system we are building must be safe, and for that can help legal documents that can show information about the products.- legal certificate that products are bio 100%- building a secure system so this way the sales can be safe and the information of the customers are saved too- documents that show clients’ rights ,and way how to provide them if something wrong happens
Benefits: System is safe ,and customers too.

10.Which observation techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtain
Observation is based on talking detailed notes and what the users do and then analyzing it later.Information which can be logged:-Different actions involved in achieving task goals (interaction with the computer, including physical behavior, interaction with other tools or others persons)-Number of attempts to complete a task-Reasons for success or failure Benefits are that:-can be performed in “real world” settings-real activity is reported
11.Which  supporting techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtain
I propose using mind mapping that focuses on those primary factors to explore “User Wish” so we can build a website based on what customers what and it would be much more successful.– a vague shape of user requirements before it is written into a form of requirements. -writing Use Cases or writing User Stories in an Agile context


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