BRICS India, BRICS is a helpful extension

BRICS try to impact and shape the standards of worldwide administration. Every country from BRICS has their own motivation to support this plurilateral development. Russia considers BRICS to be a geopolitical stabilizer toward the eastbound development of the Atlantic framework. For South Africa, BRICS is a way to legitimize its part as a door to and powerhouse of the African mainland.

BRICS enables Brazil to work together in the forming of the Asian century, despite its geological area. China takes an interest in the gathering since it perceives BRICS as a critical vehicle for moulding administration frameworks in which its political impact is comparable to its developing economic haul. At last, for India, BRICS is a helpful extension between its rising status as a main power and its recent identity as the leader of the developing world.

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China has long been the real engine behind the BRICS, with both Brazil and Russia dependent on the China driven commodity boom and South Africa is there to make up numbers. However, India has been independent so far. Brazil and Russia, being primarily commodity suppliers, dependent on international consequences of growth on the two Asian Giants, but aside from that have little to contribute. In recent years, China has driven the global economy with its rapid investment and export focused growth while India has grown more slowly and organically. Essentially, the BRICS members as a group ‘limited purpose partnership’.

If BRICS are to remain relevant over the next decade, each of its members must make a realistic evaluation of their opportunities and limitations. Although, the potential for growth is limited right now, there is an off chance that they might become one of the significant economies in near future.


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