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Bringing in nearly six billion dollars a year, it is no surprise Chic-fil-A is dominating the fast food industry. What sets Chic-fil-a apart from its competitors is the home-like feel in their restaurants. Even though it is considered a fast food restaurant, Chic-fil-a has the feel of a sit down restaurant.

Customers may come for the hospitality, but they stay for the food. Not only delightful, but some of the healthiest fast food one can eat. Chic-fil-A cannot be beat with their unmatchable customer service and healthy menu options.When one thinks of a fast food restaurant, they probably think about something quick and greasy in a run-down establishment. Chic-fil-A makes sure none of its customers leave feeling dissatisfied.

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Hostesses are always ready to greet customers into the restaurant and help find seating if needed. The cashiers are unmatched with their always welcoming smile and helpful hand. No matter the request, the cashiers will go to any extent to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with their order.

From endless refills on drinks and sauces, to customizable sandwiches, Chic-fil-A’s customer service is always the best. The next best thing to the service is of course, the food itself. Chic-fil-A advertises itself as “Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich.

” Although this may not be true, the taste and value in their best selling classic chicken sandwich meal says otherwise. Their hearty chicken sandwich packs a punch with twenty-eight grams of protein and only four-hundred-forty calories. That is one third less calories than leading competitors chicken sandwiches. Chic-fil-A knows that its customers do not always have time to make a salad at home before rushing to work, and do not want something as heavy sitting as a full meal. The restaurant also offers an array of salads with a large flavor profile. There are multiple options to suit every customers needs when ordering at Chic-fil-A.

In conclusion, Chic-fil-A is an unbeatable restaurant chain. It takes hard work to maintain a successful business, and Chic-fil-A displays all the qualities it takes. The customer service is always speedy, warm, and welcoming much like the environment of the restaurant. Chic-fil-A offers healthy options to their customers also ensuring there is something for everyone.

With service and food like this, there is no competition for Chic-fil-A.


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