British that American soldiers had only surrendered

British militaries were well trained professional soldiers experienced military commanders, determined to rush rebellion and had the exact orders in which they followed closely, had to subdue a population, they had the best navy which protected the coastlines and supply lines. Their soldiers had all the necessary requirements a nation needed in terms of supplies to wage war. Britain’s economy was powerful and able to finance all their needs including the payment to hire mercenaries in addition to soldiers.Many American soldiers did not lack military experience, having fought in the Seven Years’ War or undergone intensive militia training in the early 1770s. Which helped them to know what they were coming into and what mistakes they made last time. They were fighting on their own soil for a cause that inspired devotion and sacrifice.

Americans believed strongly in their fight for freedom and liberty. They were fighting a defensive war, fighting for their lives, families, homes, faith and ideas. For the American winning was not an option but was essential. They were able to fight on their own land which helped them know the areas.Washington tried to keep away from any kind of confrontations with the British army which eventually made them not have an idea of what kind of army or weakness Washington’s army had.

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In all history it was known that American soldiers had only surrendered once to the British army.Washington desperately needed their manpower. With other nations helping out the Americans like Spain, Netherlands and France to go to battle with the British, America would not have been able to defeat them on their own regarding the soldiers they had and not being as skilled and not having as much supply as needed in the war with the British soldiers. In September that year, Washington marched south with 9,000 Americans and 7,800 French to corner the 8,000 redcoats. With French ships driving off the royal navy, Washington oversaw an artillery bombardment of the British field fort. It led to Cornwallis surrendering and the British sailing home in mid-October. It was the last major battle, but a peace treaty was two years off. The delay meant that Washington had to keep his Army in the field.


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