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Britney Spears’s creation of “Lucky” is the perfect example to go hand in hand with the saying it is lonely at the top.

This song engulfs the feelings of questioning, and confusion, and paints a picture of loneliness. Celebrities are put out in front of the whole world and are picked apart, as that happens they are just expected to just man up and take all of the criticism without batting an eyelash. This song is exactly the opposite of the perfection being portrayed to society by celebrities, it lets us into the true feelings of the rich and famous. Britney Spears wrote this song in 2000, she was sick of being viewed as just another crazy celebrity in it for the money, so, she decided to write this song stripped down to show true feelings. To start off with the title, at first glance I took the word lucky in its literal meaning; success or failure brought by change rather than through one’s actions. My thought before reading it would be this song is about the successful type of lucky. After that, I truly read the song and I then realized how that definition is the exact opposite of what is meant in this song.

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Lucky is used as mockery, Britney is mocking society in this song by showing us how wrong we are about what we believe their lives are like, she is mocking those who think celebrities are truly lucky. Lucky is being used figuratively in this song it is used as a description, as well as being used as a person. The first verse of the song is about the act this girl Lucky puts on, and how her life truly isn’t hers. She is woken up early in the morning to start getting her hair and makeup done for her fans . She is the one they are all loking and waiting for. The chorus begins with “She’s so lucky, she’s a star” (Line 9).  Her world is a whirlwind that never stops, she is constantly on the go; what is her life going to be when she shows up to concerts and nobody is there, or when she has no fans?.

These words are being sung like they have been spoken to her before. Britney sings as though she has heard all of these words before and they sit and ponder in her head. After that, it goes into the questioning part. If she is so lucky and she is a star and she has everything one could ever ask for, why does she cry at night and feel hollow inside? Verse two questions what happens when her fame stops. “The world is spinning , and she keeps on winning/ but tell me what happens when this all stops?” (Lines 15&16). Her world is a whirlwind that never stops, she is constantly on the go; what happens when she goes to a concert and no fans show up or when no records are sold, she is questioning the meaning in her life.

The tone or attitude of the song has a hint of sarcasm when “she’s so lucky, she’s a star,” is being sung just for the fact that that is what is being questioned. The other attitude being portrayed would be sadness. Lucky is sa, her life isn’t her. People can say that is the life she chose, but being picked apart and having flashes of light consume your life is not what anybody would want because everyone is human and everyone has feelings.

“Isn’t she lovely this Hollywood girl” (Line 18) is a very innocent yet demeaning sentence. Lucky is being called by a name that is her profession she has a job of an actress, but her whole being is not an actress. Lucky represents the life of Britney Spears and she is not just a singer, she is a mother and strong powerful women. “Lucky” is a song that takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, that being said, it is a song that is written by a woman that is being put through a rollercoaster by society. This song puts the meaning of behind money doesn’t buy happiness.


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