Budget priorities in the most effective way. The

Budget for Healthy People 2020 NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Budget for Healthy People 2020 Healthy People 2020 has implemented healthcare goals and objectives aimed at improving the health of the citizens of the United States. The Healthy People 2020 has over 40 subject areas with over 1200 objectives (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). There are also leading health indicators, which is a smaller set of objectives of the Healthy People 2020.

The leading health indicators are used to provide information to healthcare providers and other stakeholders (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). This helps to determine health concern priorities and measures, which are used to manage the priorities in the most effective way. The leading health indicators also provide actions to be undertaken to address any issues faced in the achievement of the Health People 2020 goals (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). This has led to great developments and improvement in the healthcare sector with a great decrease in the mortality rate due to lifestyle diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases, which are caused by poor lifestyles (Shui & Johnson, 2013). This has also led to an increase in life expectancy and reduced maternal deaths. Healthy People 2020 has also enhanced health outcomes in all citizens of the United States regardless of their social and economic status (Shui & Johnson, 2013).

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The leading health indicators evaluate the health status of the citizens of the United States and provide action to be implemented to overcome the challenges faced in tracking the advancement of the program in the local as well as the national government levels (Shui & Johnson, 2013). This ensures that the health of all citizens of the United States is enhanced without neglecting certain levels (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). The priority concern that I would prepare a budget for is the reduction of the rate of fetal and infant deaths. This will be achieved through the control of pregnancy complications, which are attributed to obesity in pregnant women (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). Some of the strategies include prevention programs to prevent birth defects, which contribute to the increased fetal deaths, providing prenatal care, which is necessary to improve the health of the infant, and using screening to detect any prevailing conditions in infants (Koh, Blakey, Roper, 2014). Sample Budget for Year 1ITEM REVENUE COSTINCOME Funding From The Government $ 64 million Funding from other sources (non-governmental organizations) $ 20 million TOTAL REVENUE $ 84 million EXPENSES 1. Prevention programs $ 13 million2. Prenatal care $ 10 million3.

New born screeningEquipment $25 million4. Travel and Communication $ 5 million5. Professional fees $ 20 millionTOTAL EXPENSES $ 53 millionDIFFERENCE (SURPLUS) ($ 11 million) The most appropriate federal funding source for the proposed program is the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which is concerned with public health. This department is responsible for providing funding to healthcare programs aimed at improving the health status of the citizens of the United States (Shui & Johnson, 2013). ReferencesKoh, H., Blakey, C., & Roper, A. (2014).

Healthy People 2020: A Report Card on the Health of the Nation. JAMA, 311(24), 2475–2476.Shui, L., & Johnson, J.

(Eds.). (2013). Novick and Morrow’s Public health administration: Principles for population-based management (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

ISBN-13: 9781449688332.


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