BugFrom by William Friedkin”Bug” (Breaking Bad), a 2011

BugFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLook up Bug or bug in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.Bug or BUG may refer to:Contents  hide 1Art and media1.1Characters1.2Film and television1.3Gaming1.4Literature and publications1.

5Music2Biology3Organizations4People5Places6Technology7Other uses8See alsoArt and mediaeditCharacterseditBug (comics), a character in the Marvel comic book series The MicronautsBug (Starship Troopers), a fictional alien race from the novel and film Starship TroopersBobby “Bug” Guthrie, a character in the TV series Life UnexpectedFilm and televisioneditBug (1975 film), directed by Jeannot SzwarcBug (2002 film), a comedy-drama about a chain of events begun by a boy squashing a bugBug (2006 film), an adaptation of the Tracy Letts play, directed by William Friedkin”Bug” (Breaking Bad), a 2011 television episodeBug, a character from the TV series WordWorld.GamingeditBug (poker), a restricted wild cardBug!, a 1995 video gameA holdout (gambling), device used for cheating in gamblingA type in the video game franchise, Pokemon, that has been around since the first generation of this franchise, created in 1996Literature and publicationseditBUG (magazine), a Croatian magazineBug (play), by Tracy LettsMusiceditBug (soundtrack), the soundtrack to the 2006 film of the same nameBug (Dave Davies album), a solo album by Dave Davies (best known as lead guitarist and co-founder of British rock band The Kinks), released in May 2002. It was his fourth true solo studio album, almost 20 years after the release of his third effort Chosen PeopleBug (Dinosaur Jr.

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album), the third album by American alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr., released in October 1988 through SST Records”Bug”, a song by Phish from their 2000 album Farmhouse”Bug”, a song by Feeder, from their album Echo Park”Bug”, a song by Lower Than Atlantis from World Record”The Bug”, a 1993 song by Dire StraitsThe Bug, a recording alias for UK musician Kevin MartinBiologyeditAn insect of the order Hemiptera, also known as the “true bugs”Informally, any insect, or, more broadly, any terrestrial arthropodA pathogen, any microorganism that causes illness (slang)One of several species of slipper lobster, such asBalmain bugMoreton Bay bugDudley Bug, a trilobiteOrganizationseditBug AS, a full service production company based in NorwayBicycle User Group, a group set up to promote cycling issuesBrooklyn Union Gas, now known as KeySpan CorporationPeopleeditBug Hall (born 1985), American actor, acting teacher and musicianBug Holliday (1867–1910), baseball playerPlaceseditBug (Rügen), in GermanyBug, Iran, in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, IranBug, Kentucky, USBUG, or Busan–Gyeongnam Area, a metropolitan area in South KoreaBug River, in Poland, Ukraine and BelarusSouthern Bug River, in UkraineTechnologyeditCovert listening device, or bug, commonly used in espionage and in police investigationsVolkswagen Beetle, an automobileSoftware bug, or hardware bug (defect)Web bug, a tracking object embedded in a web page or e-mailSandlin Bug, a glider (sailplane) designA Morse key design by VibroplexA digital on-screen graphic, of a broadcaster’s logoOther useseditUnion label, advertising that workers who make a product or provide a service are unionizedBuginese language (ISO 639 code “bug”)See alsoeditTrue bugsBugg (disambiguation)Bugged (disambiguation)Bugs (disambiguation)This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Bug.If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.


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