Bullying has become a huge

Bullying has become a huge issue in today’s society but with the growing popularity of electronic devices such as smartphones and computers as well as the growing popularity of social media, cyberbullying is becoming a bigger issue than ever. Simply put, cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place with the use of the internet and electronic devices. Some forms of cyberbullying are posting rude comments about people, sending hateful messages, spreading rumors, and sharing embarrassing personal information with others. Some forms of cyberbullying could be considered criminal behaviour/unlawful. The issue of cyberbullying affects many people, especially the youth. In a survey conducted on children from the ages of 13-15 during the year 2007, it found that more than 70% of these kids had experienced being cyberbullied and 44% admitted to cyberbullying someone else one or more times. Cyberbullying is also becoming much easier to do as we keep advancing as a technologically dependant society.

More than 80% of teens use cell phones regularly which makes it the most common device for cyberbullying to occur on. When harassed online, only 24% of kids know what to do to stop the issue.

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