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Business behavior and marketing objectives could be considered to be the two key contributors in determination of the most suitable digital media channels given the scope of an active business. In today’s global arena there exists plethora of choice with respect to the digital media channels. This has essentially transformed the media planning as well as strategizing pertaining to choice of media channels for optimal benefit to the business a complex process. This research is a summative presentation of the study pertaining to the benefits of various media channels engraving the effect of consumer behavior to technology within it. The rapid rise of social media network reach and the related sophisticated digital marketing platforms has forced many organizations to redefine their channel marketing approaches.

It has been researched and documented that in general people spend only about 7 to 8 hours on an average for sleeping every day, whereas they in fact spend as much as 8 hours and 55 minutes on an average in engaging themselves with technological devices. This is well reflected form the fact that humans have been declared to spend more time on gadgets after waking up as compared to grooming themselves and eating. In case of the majority of mobile users the have been observed to be keeping it on even during the sleep time. As portrayed in Line graph in Figure 4 it is observed that people spend more than 4 hours and 50 minutes of their day using the mobile as compared to other electronic devices such as the Personal Computer and TV which respectively take about 1 hour and 35 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes respectively of an individual’s time. The utilities of a mobile phone includes but would not be limited to entertainment, connecting with friends and colleagues, public information, to shop, and for plethora of other tasks.

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This portrays the transformation of engagement from print media, TV and computer to digital media with progression of this generation. The chart portrayed vide Figure 5 clealy depicts that an average of 95 minutes is specifically allocated by the users for using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the like. Mobile phones have gobbled up a number of electronic devices to emerge as the most widely used technology in today’s parallaxes is certainly not an over statement. The consumption of internet through a mobile phone is widely increasing as compared to a personal computer in a rapid manner.

The advertisements through Mobile terminal advertisement are taking up more proportion in a company’s marketing budget. Owing to the wide reach, the spend on advertisement through mobile terminal generate high return on investment for the company. In comparison with the traditional marketing techniques, marketing through mobile phone media results in the integration of multiple media resources by generation of interest among target audience by implantation of creative marketing strategies on respective social media platforms. Hence, in summation it could be stated that the business enterprises need to allocate due importance for advertisement through social media owing to the benefits those would be bequeathed in terms of revenue , brand building and sustainable business.

Consumer preferences is a key area of study for the corporates form revenue perspective. This occurs to be a lucrative area of study owing to the plethora of benefits that could be obtained from the findings of this research by the companies, other researches as well as international students. However at this juncture it also needs to be stated that the main barriers in using the digital environment for marketing is related to quality and performance. Hence, in case of high performance products it has been observed that consumers prefer personal connect with the seller.

On the other had mass marketing opportunities are also offered by traditional marketing environment.


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