Business must constantly find new ways to

Businessopportunity is everywhere if one can discover and seize it.

In order to becomecompetitive in today’s volatile business world, one must constantly find newways to increase revenue, reduce cost and efficiently targeted their customers.Nowadays, many young entrepreneurs would set up their business via onlinesocial networks since it is cost efficient and effortless. It allows individualsto stay connected with others unrestricted by time and geographical boundaries.The exceptional popularity of online social network among public has driven itsdeployment into today’s business world. Such entrepreneur who greatly reliedupon E-Commerce system can be known as cyber entrepreneur. Since setting up abusiness via online social network is not complicated, it has graduallybecoming a trend. Due to its phenomenal popularity, researchers have conductedstudies on its effectiveness as well as postgraduates’ reaction, satisfactionand continuance intention to adopt it. Factorsencompass performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence,facilitating conditions, and trialability are considered to affect the postgraduates’involvement in entrepreneurial activities via online social networks.

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All thesedeterminants are established to user’s intention to adopt online social networkand are addressed to motivate more individuals to join the social networkingsites and existing users will remain their loyalty. The question is whetherthese factors are concerned by young entrepreneurs while deploying onlinesocial network in business operation. Therefore, this study is conducted toexplore the factors affecting postgraduates’ intention to adopt online socialnetworks in entrepreneurial activities. Implications are being discussed on thefactors which influence postgraduates’ involvement in entrepreneurialactivities via online social networks.

Therefore, social network serviceproviders can access into and modify the sites and systems accordingly whichfit young entrepreneurs.However,only few were done from the business perspective. Thus, this study tries tofill this gap by proposing a conceptual framework to explore postgraduates’perception towards the deployment of online social network in entrepreneurialactivities and its potential as commercial instrument, considering postgraduatesto be potential entrepreneurs.


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