Business Cumilla, Feni, Rajshahi, Tanagail etc. UCB can

Business Strategies for Agent Banking:UCB has an intention to establish 2000 agent points in the next five years. Year-wise agent acquisition plan as follows:Accomplishing such a big target wouldn’t be an easy task. UCB needs to work on its strategy more to accomplish this. The following strategies can be the keys to success for UCB agent banking.

Location StrategyAgent banking is very new in this industry. But some renowned banks are doing very well in the field of agent banking. The pioneers of agent banking like DBBL and Bank Asia went with their footprint in the most potential districts like Dhaka, Noakhali, Chittagong, Cumilla, Feni, Rajshahi, Tanagail etc.

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UCB can open branches in the untapped areas. They already opened some branches in Patuakhali, Cox’s Bazar, Faridpur etc. “First Moving” is the strategy that UCB is taking to become the market leader. Acquisition Strategy:Although Municipal and City Corporation areas are the most attainable areas for financial services, Bangladesh Bank has given regulatory guidelines to maintain ratio to 1:3 (urban to rural). To build agent outlets remote areas should be the first choice. The following facts are also considered:• At each UpaZilla there should be an outlet.• At union which is potential there should be an outlet.

• The selection of the high possible Upa-Zilla and districts considering collection of utility bill and remittance and local people’s income (per capita).Sales Strategy:In terms of sales, UCB has an intention to become the leader of the market in the upcoming years. The strategy of sale include basic, short term and long term activities. They are as follows:• Basic Strategy: Basic strategy includes a wide range of market survey. By this survey, it can be possible to identify where the banking opportunities is and where there are not enough branches to fulfil customer needs.

• Short-Term Strategy: In short term strategy UCB Agent banking officials with outlet agent will conduct a wide range of market awareness programs. The programs can be local gatherings, door to door approach, announcement etc.• Long- Term Strategy: After gathering decent customer portfolio, the next target will be to focus on enhancing the portfolio with giving the best existing customer services. Agents will distribute notebooks, calendar etc. in the long run. Marketing and Promotion Strategy:The marketing and promotion strategy of UCB Agent banking is to inform the potential customers of its existence and providing the appropriate and right information to its target customer. The promotional massages and tools may vary because it targets in different segments to match the proposed market.

In every sense, the marketing will provide professionalism and quality. In this field there is no scope of bad marketing with second rate materials or poor labels. UCB is intend to provide quality brochures and other sales literature and also provide complimentary chips, pens, stickers etc. UCB has a comprehensive planning of marketing which include the following:• Newspaper Advertisements• TVC and Radio Adverstisements.

• Distribution of Banner, Leaflet and Brochure.• Distribution of Calendar, Wall Clock and Notepad.• Local Means of Medias.• Door to door approach.• Awarness programs.

• Arranging community fair to provide local people a clear concept about agent banking and what are the services they are providing.• Hire speakers to carry out local announcements about UCB A gent banking.Business Development Strategy:In terms of business development, one core strategy of UCB is the its difference from the competitiors. Establishing class service and long relationship with the customers is the key for their future. UCB primarily intend to sell a relationship more than services. UCB have some strategies for the business development with unique features which are as follows:•


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