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BUSINESSIMMIGRATION KW: uk business visa(s),uk business immigration, immigrationlaw firm in LondonWhichBusiness Visa Do You Need?For true innovation and competitive edge comes agrowing need for a diverse workforce, including foreign nationals from aroundthe world. If you are a business or organisationthat is considering creating a recruitment path to globalise your business, or aforeign national applying for work in London—you need to understand which UKbusiness visa is applicable. As a job applicant, be sure to confirm that youremployer is open to participating in the required visa sponsorship process. Asthe top immigration law firm in London, we can help. To begin with, here is anin-depth look at the different types of business visas.

Tier 1 General VisasWhile business may be your goal, your visa might fallunder the category of Tier 1 General visa. Below are some common business needsthat fit this classification:Entrepreneur Visas If you have decided to launch a primary or secondarybusiness in the United Kingdom, you will require a Tier 1 General UK businessvisa. Even if your plan is not to live full-time in London, you must keep aclose eye on the amount of time you stay each year. Investor VisaAs an investor,you will likely need to spend more time in London than the average holiday orvisit visa allows. To ensure that you have thefreedom and flexibility to come and go with ease, an Investor visa isessential.

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Exceptional TalentIf you are an industry leader or an emerging industryleader, you may find yourself being invited to speak, teach and present on aregular basis—or even hired to work on a long-term project. To ensure you can stay long enough to positivelycontribute to the work you excel in, a Talent visa is required. Graduate Entrepreneur VisaIf you are an international student who completed adegree course in the UK, and would liketo remain in the country to launch your new business—then this is the visa youneed. Tier 2 Sponsorship General VisaIf you, or theemployee you wish to hire doesn’t quite fit the qualifications above, a Tier 2visa may be a better fit. This oftenapplies to employees who fill vital, yet less specialisedpositions. First, you will need to grant the applicant a Certificate of Sponsorshipwhich ensures the applicant is able, willing, and qualified to accept theposition you are offering.

Once you haveprovided a Sponsorship License, your employee can apply for their Tier 2 visa:Tier 2 General VisaThis is forany position that is less specialised innature than Tier 1 visas. This is not tosay that a skillset is less valuable or essential;but from an immigration standpoint, theposition is less specialised.Intra-Company TransferIf you would like to transfer one of your currentoverseas employees to work in your London offices, you will need anintra-company UK business immigration transfer. In most cases, you will need tohave been employed for at least 12 months, and plan to remain in your positionfor more than 12 months. However, high salary professionals and executives(over $73,900) can be employed for ashorter period of time. Sole UK Representative of an Overseas Business This type of visa is ideal for a senior representativewho will be coming to the UK to open up a UK branch of an existing foreign business.

Thisis a common alternative to an entrepreneurship visa. Business VisitorsIf you will be working with an internal or externalprofessional who will not be movingto London, but needs to be in the UK forup to 6 months to complete their project—then this is the appropriate visa.This visa also allows for multiple entries in the designated 6 months.Tier 2 SportspersonsSports talent has become as globalised as every other industry. This visa is reserved for elite coaches and athletes, andtheir immediate families.

This is a 3-yearvisa that can be extended up to 6 years. Tier 2 Minister of Religion This UK business visa is for ministers of religion,missionaries, and members of the religiousorder who have been offered a job within a faith community. This visa extendsto spouse and children. Tier 5 Temporary CategoriesNot all work is long-term, but it may surpass astandard travel or holiday visa.

In many cases a Tier 5 temporary visa issufficient. You still need a Certificate of Sponsorship for a TemporaryCategory visa. Often sought out by artists, athletes, youth mobility workers,exchange students, professional training, and other short-term business visits.To learn more about which type of visa is applicable to you or the employee you plan to hire or sponsor, reach out to ADD BUSINESS NAME—the top immigration lawfirm in London.



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