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E-commerce business deal which is buyer and seller will agreement by electronic payment the internet for purchase and sale purpose. Price Digi telecom has overall electronic payment options with iPay88 and PayPal. MySimplified, a category Digi portal was forced use…

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Abstract conducted not as it were in

AbstractE-commerce, which is a combination of conventional commerce and web, has brought dramatic changes of the way commerce exchanges are conducted not as it were in Lebanon but across the world. This study will look for to set up the…

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-693420-434340Summer Internship Project ReportOn’Customer Satisfaction in HDFC Bank’Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of PGDM- Batch 2017-19Under the guidance of – Faculty Guide: Submitted by: Prof.Anindita Sharma Suguna Soumya Associate Professor Roll No: 2017046JSB, Ghaziabad Industry Guide:Sanjay Kumar SainiBranch Manager HDFC BankChapter…

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