Inclusivity a new employee or have been

Inclusivity and equality are not nice to haves anymore. Many companies have legal policies and practices in place to build solid foundations of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. If you’re serious about working in an inclusive and collaborative environment,…

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Womenomics It is an important term to

Womenomics refers to a change in the way persons and organizations address their work, as a result of the growth in the value of “women in the workforce”. It is an important term to discuss in Jordan’s employment of female…

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First everyone has access to emails. In my

First the main communication methods are email, letter, telephone, and verbal conversations. All of these different types of methods are used in the business environment. Conversations are used in both formal and informal ways. Talking to a customer? Formal. Talking…

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In d) organizational identification (OI). From the

In this qualitative article, the researchers studied how employees respond to corporate social responsibilities that their organizations and if their perceptions affect their work performance. The purpose of the research was to study, how ethics and professionalism affects employee satisfaction.…

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