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Businesses provide solutions to the people’s problem and marketing provides solutions to the business’ problem. In order to expand the reach of any business, it is imperative to constantly revamp the performance of the enterprise in fulfilling the needs of the consumers. Through my undergraduate, I have tried to expand my knowledge of the business world to fuel my passion for marketing apart from studying my curriculum. My interests propelled me to take up internships which helped me learn crucial skills. I want to pursue a degree in marketing to understand the needs of the customer and hence devise a better fix for their problems.

I was part of the student chapter called Instruments Society of India, funded by IISc Bengaluru. I gained a lot of experience working with micro-controllers and C programming but side by side I garnered knowledge on marketing as well. I also learned the importance of advertising when I worked extensively on expanding the reach of the Chapter by collaborating with various local businesses and helping them with their web pages.When I became the General Secretary of the Chapter, I reinforced the already existing marketing strategies in practice and incorporated various social media marketing techniques to further increase attendance at events. I have seen that marketing is truly an art. It ultimately determines the performance of a product in terms of longevity in the market by surpassing the competition.

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Even a premium product produced by a top-ranking company doesn’t thrive well if it is not accompanied by a highly strategized and intricate marketing plan. I learned this concept theoretically when I took up the subject “Principles of Marketing” during my undergraduate and practically when I worked for my college fest in the core marketing team.A Diploma in Marketing will provide me with the know-how of general management techniques that one needs to know and in addition to that, it would also teach me to adapt the knowledge and skills to suit the rapidly changing business environment. My aim is to become a valued asset to the company I will work with where I can utilize my skills to help in the all-round expansion of the company.

A strong grasp of the fundamentals of management would also help me to start my own business in future. NMIMS, being a very prestigious institution imparting state-of-the-art knowledge and molding management enthusiasts into corporate-world ready professionals, would provide me with a proper platform, guidance, and opportunities I need to propel my career on the right path.I am aiming for a degree in Management from the prestigious institutions of NMIMS which would help in laying the groundwork for my career in the field.

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