Buss tickets. Users who only book the

Buss Ticket reservation System
A buss Company wants a software for reserving online tickets for their busses. This software helps people to book a ticket for their busses without going to the buss terminal.

Users can login to the website of the Company using their CNIC number. Once a user is logged in he/she can select for different routes available that time and after selecting the desired route the user can select the suitable time for which he/she wants to book the ticket. Software lets you book the ticket as well as purchase the ticket online. Passengers can purchase the ticket by using the credit card number and sends a message to your number which you entered while purchasing or booking the ticket and can get the ticket online which will be verified while departure time. Software gives priority to the customers who purchase the tickets on those who book the tickets. Users who only book the tickets have to purchase the ticket from the terminal an hour before the departure time of the buss otherwise the tickets will be given to other passengers at that time on terminal.

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Different routes are having different fare rates which can be changed for special occasions. The software does not show the details of any passenger maintaining the security of the passengers. The page is automatically refreshed after every minute so accurate information can be provided to the passengers.
This software let the user to view all the available seats in the buss and can select any free seat with a restriction that only males can have seats with males and same is for the females. Only for a family some combined seats are available.

For regular customers membership is available and 10% off is given to the members on every travel. Software asks the users if they are having membership or not during the booking time. Members can add their membership number while booking the ticket so they can get their discount. Members also get special offers on different occasions and these offers are uploaded on a separate section on the website only for the members.


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