By information is easily accessible. Electronic medical records

By definition, “informatics is about managing information” (Sewell, 5). However, in this day and age, most people relate informatics with computers and technology. Over the past few years, nursing informatics has transformed from a system with limited abilities to a worldwide system with unlimited capabilities that is used in both inpatient and outpatient settings in order to integrate health care, reduce errors, and maximize patient contact.

The use of computers and electronic medical records are fairly recent additions to the medical field and have helped healthcare providers spend less time charting and more time caring for patients. Informatics has helped to identify potential problems earlier, such as a change or decline in patient condition based on vital signs. The use of electronic documentation helps to identify these changes and allows healthcare providers to act quickly because the information is easily accessible.

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Electronic medical records allow healthcare providers to trend vial signs for patients and identify abnormalities which helps to save time and ultimately saving lives. Lab results are also readily available for nurses and physicians to review and treat abnormal lab results.


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