By writing by the manager. Each supervision

By implementing an effective supervision system, the manager is able to not only raise the aspirations of the staff group, but is able to provide a clearer focus on their responsibilities, which in turn will make them better and more effective carers.The manager should ensure that supervision is carried out by suitably trained staff who have undergone a period of instruction and have been authorised to lead supervision, in writing by the manager.Each supervision session should:? Take place every 6 to 8 weeks? Include an agenda agreed between the supervisor and the staff member.

? Be agreed in advance? Be documented using the Supervision Record Form (Form 070)? Last no more than 2 hours? Be signed and dated by both parties? Be seen as a positive experience.The manager should ensure that the supervision documentation held by the home, is held in such a way that only the supervisor and the staff member have a copy of the Supervision Record Form (Form 070) or have access to it. This may require each supervisor having a lockable drawer or file specifically for such documents.There should be evidence that:? There is a supervision plan for the home which includes all staff? There are records which show that supervision takes place? Staff are aware of the supervision process and its purpose? Supervisors have been trained? Supervision is documented – evidence shows that it has taken place, not the content of the discussionSupervision records are held securely and confidentially

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