By, think for myself. instruction supports conformity.

By, Matthew GillamIn Fahrenheit 451 a firefighter named Guy Montag. Montag does not put out fires he started them buy burning banned books. Montag has no second thoughts about what he is doing or why he is doing it until Clarisse. She changes Montag mind about the world and teaches him to appreciate the small things in life. This makes Montag rethink his job as a firefighter. The children in the world aren’t taught anything in school. “Cram them full of non combustible data, chock them so damned full of “facts” they feel stuffed, but absolutely brilliant.

The “teachers” stuff the pupils with “knowledge” . doing them experience smart. but they are never taught to think any of the information or organize their ain sentiment on affairs. Or at least most don’t they merely run the replies at you. bing. bing. bing. and us sitting at that place for four more hours of film-teacher” ( 29 ) .

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In being taught not to think for myself. instruction supports conformity. In a similar the civilization that Montag lives in.

it is expected in everyone to take part in the people entertainment beginnings: mindless news stories and violent games. Parlor walls are made up of a level screen on a wall sometimes there were tvs on all 4 walls and sometimes there were only 1. In the story the number of TVs on your parlor walls is a reflection on how wealthy you are.

Faber says. “The televisor is “real” . It is immediate. it as dimension.The conformity in fahrenheit 451 is everywhere.

From how Montag actes before he meets clarisse. And the children in the society not being taught anything. To how Mildred and her friends are fixated on the Parlor walls. Conformity is everywhere because the government makes it that way.

By: in schools is a controversial topic.

By: Ankit Patel Course Code: SSC 146G-065 Instructors Name: Tina DeMers, Jodi Lecuyer Date: July 14 2018Sexual health education in schools is a controversial topic. After decades of debate, there is still little consent about the content of school-based programs (Iyer & Aggleton, 2015), even when public opinion surveys show that the majority support teaching sex education in schools (Shipley, 2014). The introduction of an updated version of the sex education program for Ontario schools in Canada has received strong criticism from some parents and lobby groups.

Similar objections led to the Ontario Liberal government withdrawing the previous update to the sexual education program in 2010 (McKay, Byers, Voyer, Humphreys, & Markham, 2014; Cohn, 2015).Despite protests, the current Ontario Liberal government implemented the revised curriculum in the fall of 2015, the first update since 1998 (Ferguson & Rushowy, 2015). It is noteworthy that debates about the appropriateness of the new curriculum are primarily concerned with the extent to which parents were consulted. In the modern age the sexual disease like HIV and STIs kill more people than the average disease could do, among the victims adult and children are the most affected because of their lake of acquaintance in sex education, let’s take a look on statistic, the estimated 1.1 million 940 000–1.3 million people dying from HIV globally in 2015 were 45% fewer than in 2005 and 26% fewer than in 2010, so it clearly show that the increasing the trade of sex education in recent years make the reduction in HIV victims .In the back days of the sex education, it started at the mature age rather than the grade 1 and 2 like the new one has and it could not cover the enough information about the causes of the sexual disease and did not clearly explain about the myth and reality of it, still there were some movies which help to spread the sexual awareness in those days like the maturing female (release on 1969) and teen pregnancy (release on 1969) was the best example of it.

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Now a days the sex education is far more advance level and it has to be because it has been years to change the syllabus of the sex education so finally they change old one and add the new curriculum for the sexuality which was the far advance compare to the previous one. Recently we seen that Minister of Education took some step towards the changes in old curriculum and include some new content at the basic level of education, by referring his interview and studying about new curriculum I get the point that to introduced new curriculum because of the students can get the knowledge at the beginning level so they can clear them doubts from starting point of life, another reason I found that is in some case of students are very shy and introvert type so they afraid to share their thoughts and idea in front of parents and teacher so in that cases the new sex education is the best option for them to get the real idea and knowledge about their doubts apart from it the new sex education is talk about the good hygienic habit, identifying their body parts, food and health growth relation, bullying and abuse, decision making in relationship, STIs and pregnancy prevention and up to the maintain health when independent. I think that each of the topic who is covered in the new curriculum was the great thing because this each and every topic is very practically related to everyone’s life so it is valuable to that things that how its work for example if we take the topic of bullying and abuse, in the grade 4 they entered the content about the bullying and abuse under the personal safety and prevention so the school child can got the difference about the fun and abuse. According to the survey 20,000 teenager pregnant girls doing the abortion so somewhere its shown that we still need a good sex education that can teach our children about the safe sex and give them the proper knowledge about the pregnancy prevention so maybe that’s why the government introduced this topic at the grade 7 so teenagers can get the right knowledge at the right time so they can help themselves.The main concern of these new curriculums was the establishing a foundation of mutual respect, and understanding for diverse perspectives in the classroom. In the outside some parents and religious leaders are against the new course outline but I think it’s a better to know that things rather than traps in them and ruins the future, for example in the grade 8 they taught about the condoms and keep with it in the case of sexual active they can use it and enjoy the safe pleasure. As the active member of the society and the elder fellow of the family, I wish that the children should be known about their body parts and the feelings and intention while someone touch them. In the modern era we can heard more news about the child abuse if we want to avoid it then the awareness of the sex education in school should be necessary.

Sex education is the modern topic for discussion, we should not connect it with the religion and some old previous rules of mankind, and it’s the modern revolutionary thought that can bring the light of knowledge in the 21 century to prevent the some big disease like a HIV and STIs.As we see that the new technology are placed everywhere so I think we have to use this technology into sex education and make it more cooler than the old system, I noticed that in the sex education they had not use the short films and movies based on the sex education, school has to made some task for the students and give them to study about the myth and actuality of the sexuality so student get familiar with the rumors, apart from it the films and video make more impact compare to the book system, so according to me this change should be improve overall performance of study and we can get the more positive results.In the end of the paragraph, I conclude that the sex education is the all about how you can take it, if you take it in positive manner then you can find the bunch of application of it and a social supportive subject which can save the our future. I completely agreed with this new curriculum of the sex education it should be teach in every school of Canada and I wish that the parents should be place the dynamic role in the encouraging of their children to get the right knowledge of the sexuality.References Text-11800-1-10-20170707.pdf


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