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CAMPAIGN 13 REMINDERS:Orders due: Thurs., June 9th-RPS 7-Everyone unless noted belowMonday, June 12th-RPS 08-Amber,CitlalliTuesday, June 14th-RPS 10-TracyWednesday, June 15-RPS 01-Maria Vera Please submit your orders before 11:00 p.m. to avoid late fees.Please wait at least 2 hours after submitting your order to pay and check account daily for any balances or problems with your order.Business Tools Orders: Order book-English #139-266 (FREE) *Span.

#139-285 FREE *Brochures- 1 Pkg. of 10 = $6.48 2 pkgs.

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Of 10 = $8.89 3 pkgs. Of 10 = $11.39 *Clear Literature bags #058-433 $ .80 *Popcorn bags – Medium #432-816 $1.15 -large #907-119 $1.25 *Samples: Lipstick, cologne, foundation, nails & skin care-4571912763500SUGGESTIONS: (no limit c13/c14)Avon Golden Mustang CollectionYou Pay:$15.48/Full AWARD Sales $30.97 9525952500Skin So Soft Original 8 pc pk You Pay: $26.969969525781000FULL AWARD Sales $53.92Anew Clean 8 pc cleansing packYou Pay: $37.36FULL AWARD Sales: $67.92″FULL AWARD Sales” means that it’ll look like you ordered that amount but you only pay ½ of that! **This helps reach your sales goals!** TOP SALES -CAMPAIGN 12Krista Lara $368.Michelle Mejia $360.Cindy Garcia$202.Orie Loredo $148.Maria M Perez$146.Maria Guerra$138.Henrietta Cantu$138.Maria Drane$125.Tracy Littlefield$116.Great job! I’m very proud of your hard work! It’s fun and easy selling Avon!Welcome New Recruit:Maria M PerezArlene Perez FergusonAvon Independent Sales Rep.956-207-3505


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