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Candi OllerMr. PralgoEnglish 10 CP17 December 2017Transgender Bathrooms In this world, we have little humanity left. With the LGBT+ community getting stronger, yet bullied and harassed every day, there’s no estimate when people will finally be free with who they are. Transgenders in particularly can’t even use the bathroom of their appearance, but instead have to use the bathroom of their biological anatomy. With it being illegal or them being afraid, they will have more hate and discrim brought onto them, theirs no win. We need to extend human rights with human diversity, and that starts today. A man stares directly at the mens and womens bathroom.

He lusts to use the mens room but fears of ” easily being socked” (Michaels). This man, Charlie Comero is a transgender man who would like to use the men’s restroom, but it is illegal, so now he has to make women and children and himself uncomfortable due to he is being forced to use the women’s bathroom. What if he enters the women’s restroom but scares women and children for looking like a man? He said it made people uncomfortable, with him looking like a man, and having a beard, but it was illegal if he went to the bathroom of his choice (man), and he could be at risk of being hurt.This isn’t the community or freedom were supposed to have. ” I am a man in a woman’s body, but that’s not going to stop me from looking like myself, and hell if I get told otherwise” (Michaels).

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Some people can’t stand others for being themselves, and they can be racist and homophobic. Meanwhile, others stand together, fight for freedom, and don’t let any negativity get to them. Afraid of gender neutral bathrooms because of the myth of how it’s unsafe? YEs, it can be a safety hazard, but so can regular bathrooms.

Walking across the street is a safety hazard, but we take the risk. Why can’t we do this for others to feel more comfortable? “Gender segregation is based on the idea that men and women are the only choices to stereotype people into. We all know that gender has a wide range of selections and options.

Segregation is wrong because it creates an “us and them” mentality between the different genders and harms gender equality which just needs to be free already” (anonymous). When we unite everyone and goes the united way, we’ll all be freer. With this world not working together, and more against and rivality, this world will come to an end before the sun gives out.


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