Cara has 111,096 views on YouTube which was

Cara Delavigne andMatt Smith are new face of Burberrys winter collection, the ad has 111,096views on YouTube which was only posted less than two months ago with more likesat 2,452 and disliked at 31. Burberry on Facebook have more of a presence as Ibelieve their target consumer would not go onto YouTube as much as Facebook It6.9k comments, 7.7k shares and 11m views with is considerably more thanYouTube. The campaign is an 80’s holiday theme.

This collection was releasedsoon after Christopher Bailey announcement he was going to leave. Burberry, I believeto be a sexy but care free heritage brand that do not mind having fun. Thisexplain the facial expressions a lot more. Younger consumers are more inclinedto look at this and find it appealing rather than older people. As well as thatwe all know she is a massively known model and I feel like younger consumerswould relate to her and I like her more.

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This would maybe then drive sales. ChristopherBailey friends with many celebrities as we have established, so he is got agood variety of contacts that are celebrities, which everyone is upset that heis leaving. Art of the Trenchcampaign allowed consumers to post snaps wearing their own trench coats.

Thisgets consumers to be involved in something that is particularly exciting and itis a way for Burberry to see the different trench coats styles their consumershave and just to see them wearing one as outerwear is what they are known for. Ifthey get involved that shows Burberry that people do enjoy the brand and likeassociating with it. This was used enhance brand loyalty but to make sure the existingcustomers felt special. The year after the SS10 collection was live streamedwith the Facebook page reaching more than a million views. This led to a growth in sales in 2014. Burberry did acampaign with google in 2013 which was named the “kisses campaign” which wasused to market Burberry’s lipstick range which let consumers send out virtualkisses in whichever lipstick colour from the range you wanted. In order to do this,you would either kiss your touch device or by using a webcam as you can see inthe images to the right, it gives you options on which device you want to do iton.

Also, personal messages could be added. This raised awareness for bothbrands, it was interesting and engaging campaign, Na, A.Y.S.H.N.A (2017)mentions “There were more than 250,000 searches on Google during the campaignand people from 13000 cities participated during the first 10 days of thecampaign.” 


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