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Care is an indispensable piece of our child protection framework. A greater part of children who move toward becoming taken care of do as such in light of abuse, disregard and neglect that causes intense worry among relatives. Entry into care is typically a horrendous affair and carries with it a noteworthy feeling of misfortune that can be deficiently perceived in care planning. Most children in care say that their encounters are great and that it was the correct decision for them (Beihal et al, 2014).

However some children’s initial encounters significantly affect their improvement and future life chances and because of their encounters both earlier and amid care, cared for children are at more serious hazard than their peers.The risk factors for abuse and neglect cause a scope of variables can add to cared for child  abuse. This abuse  includes destitution, unemployment of parent , poor housing and an absence of social help. The negative impacts of deficient or harsh parenting  can be expanded through various parental risk factors including mental well-being issues, alcohol and substance abuse, intimate partners abuse and brutality and the introduction to abuse or absence of experience of positive parenting  in their own adolescence. Children risk  factors   incorporate of disability, behaviour  issues and chronic sickness. These variables frequently coincide and connect adding extra anxieties and requests guardians.

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Where guardians have restricted assets for adapting, no help or monetary aid and  absence of child rearing aptitudes, the child is at a much greater risk  of abuse (counting physical and psychological mistreatment and neglect).3 The long haul results of abuse increase the  risk of poor mental well-being, weight, alcohol abuse , and inclusion in savagery and criminality. Regularly these begin in youth and immaturity and can proceed into late adulthood.

Cared for kids have elevated amounts of wellbeing and social needs. These are connected with the foundation of neglect and abuse, which is frequently connected with a lower financial class. Children who have been in care often have more adverse socioeconomic, health, educational and legal outcomes when compared directly to children who have experienced childhood disadvantage but were not in care.6. These children identified a number of issues in their lives, including poor family relationships; physical abuse; loneliness; bullying; depression/mental health issues; sexual abuse; school/education problems; and emotional abuse.7. There are high rates of mental health need in looked-after children; they tend to have already experienced factors associated with childhood psychiatric disorders including social/environmental factors, parental mental illness, repeated early separations from parents, inadequate parenting, exposure to abuse or neglect and negative peer group influences.

All kids whose guardians are encountering psychological sickness, alcohol  or drug abuse, alongside aggressive behavior at home (in which the kids are included, they witness or it is directed at them) are at an expanded danger of mental  well-being issues. For  cared for children, these components are exacerbated and the effect of these can be lessened through a steady home, other caring grown-ups ready to help the child, and no brutality, 


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