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Career Plan Question
Rabindranath Tagore once said: “Do not limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time”. I am guided by his words in shaping future career plans in education policies. Certainly, in today’s changing world each specialist should keep pace with time, and even make strategic plans for the future. My chosen area of study gives a wide range of perspectives, such as contributing to strengthening quality education in Turkmenistan, facilitating the modernization of the education system and attracting an interest of schoolchildren to studies.
In 2017, the Government of Turkmenistan announced digital learning as one of the priority areas of education system. Today most of our secondary schools are furnished with the state-of-art equipment and schoolchildren are given personal netbooks at the governmental expense. However, the lack of specialists and efforts in providing sufficient software and resources for every school discipline and computer illiteracy of the secondary school teachers make the process of implementing of reforms slow indeed.
In my opinion using of digital technologies will be one of the strongest pushes to raise students’ interest in education. Moreover, it will improve skills of both teachers and students, keep students motivated to learn, give students opportunity to learn by themselves, build higher order of thinking and collaboration between students, improve students’ learning outcomes and facilitate work of teachers. During my practical training at the secondary school I was a witness of how schoolchildren are getting interested and becoming enthusiastic about their studies whenever I involved interactive multimedia equipment at lessons. Thus, doing my master’s degree in policy studies will help me to contribute to the proper realization of educational reforms. This requires action to improve education programs and train teachers as well, so that they will be able to use computers and other devices. In addition, I plan to develop the concept of e-system for evaluating and testing children which will be accessible for parents to observe their child’s progress in studies and may help to avoid issues related to corruption in schools.
Considering these all, my future plans for shaping new education by getting Master’s degree in policy studies in education is to develop technological educational materials like study application supposed for various lessons at schools or other educational institutions, create digital technology training programs for teachers and students as well as hold trainings on technology for teachers. This will lead to fast and vivid development in education of my home country.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that Chevening scholarship program will definitely help me to realize my career goals on complete transformation of education system of Turkmenistan by putting digital technology into use in educational establishments of my home country.


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