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Caring for others can have a negative impact on carer’s health and can have adverse effects on their life beyond their caring responsibilities. It can be especially difficult to balance paid work with a caring role which can lead to difficulties financially which is made worse by the lack of social provision and the increased cost of services. If carers aren’t given sufficient support they may therefore be faced with health and financial challenges. Those who have care and support needs need to be supported to achieve well-being. The local authority has a duty to promote the well-being of both carers and the individuals they are caring for. Carers Assessments need to look at what the carer is looking to achieve in their day-to-day life. Each carer should be looked at as an individual with their own personal circumstances and the assessment should look at any particular needs they may have as result of this and any risks there may be to the carer’s own health and well-being.

Carers should look at their duties when they are looking after the person they care for and should look at things like whether or not they get enough sleep; whether their health is affected by their caring role? Whether or not the person they are looking after can be left on their own is something else to consider as well as any worries they may have about juggling work or study commitments alongside their caring role. It should also be looked at whether or not they have any time to themselves. Services may be offered that would help both the individual being cared for and their carer. This may consist of help with housework, giving them a break from their caring responsibilities, adaptations to the home or a change in the equipment that is needed; emotional support may also be beneficial. Carers should be able to lead the same life as someone who isn’t a carer.

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They should have a definite right to life beyond their caring responsibilities and should be in control of their day-to-day life and their social and economic well-being.


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