Caroline “Many schools require that students attend school

Caroline Poston
10 April 2018
ENR 101
Mrs. Farmer
Do Sports in School keep Student out of Trouble?
Sports in high school and college require about 15 hours per week of a students’ time. The time spent with the team at school mandatory activities does not include things like fundraisers, team dinners, and time practicing by yourself. After an athlete spends all this time at practice, why would an athlete want to cause trouble? Most athletes are to tire to do anything after practice. “If high school administrators want to create a positive environment, they should encourage students to participate in sports.” (Wadley, Jared)
If a teen is on a sports team, they would be at practice more then they will be out in the streets getting into trouble. Sports are also a big motivation for athletes to keep their grades up. If an athlete does not keep their grades up for the year, then they will either be kicked off the team or will not make the team the next year. “Many schools require that students attend school and keep their grades at a minimum in order to participate in sports, thereby increasing kids’ attendance rates and grades.” (Piccirillo-Stosser, Caitlin) They will make the right kinds of friends that will help them make good decisions, and the other way around, when they hang out with negative people, then they are going to make negative bad decisions.
Sports teach trust, leadership, and accountability. “Furthermore, programs that combine sports with academic institution and character development are even more effective, as they teach crucial skills such as team-building, leadership, and sportsmanship.” (Piccirillo-Stosser, Caitlin) In New York, where the crime rate is really high, they have a program for middle-school aged children called School’s Out New York City, that gives instruction in sports and arts and requires participation that improves leadership skills. Sports in school make athletes accountable because they have to do their job and do what needs to be done. They also have to hold their teammates accountable and make sure their teammates are doing their job and they are doing what they have to do.
Healthy eating is also an extremely important thing for athletes to do. If an athlete does not eat healthy, they will not perform to the best of their ability because they do not have the energy from the food that they need. Athletes get healthy habits while playing sports, they have to eat healthy to perform to their abilities, they exercise all most every day, practicing or working out.
So, does sports in school keep athletes out of trouble? Sports in school keep athletes out of trouble because they have to keep their grades up to stay on the team. They have to keep their teammates accountable and make sure they are all doing their job for the team. They also have be able to perform, and to do that they have to exercise regularly and eat healthy. If they do not perform to the best of their ability then they do not play.


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