CASE At the Age 17,He successfully attacked

CASE REPORT “STORY OF VASA SHIP”*Characters in the vasa story :• King Gustavus II Adolphus,1594-1632(king of royal castle)• Sofring Hansson(captain of the ship)• Christian IV(Danish King)• Admiral Klas Fleming(King’s Representative)• Henrik Hybertsson(Professional Shipbuilder) • Arendt de Groot(Hybertsson Brother)• Jacobsson(Dutch Shipwright)• Joran Mattson(Incharge of loading the ballest)• Boatswain(who found the test)• Erik Jonsson Kremer(commander of the artillery) • Isbrandsson(assistant)*King Gustavus II Adolphus(1594-1632): Fig. King Gustavus II Adolphus• His Country knows as the “Lion Of The North”.He is a rave fighter and a sermon inspector of substantial knowledge.

• At the Age 17,He successfully attacked the danish Democrats in the war for Kalmar.*Vasa Warship: Fig. Vasa Warship• vasa is a newly appointed swedish warship with huge weapons.It is decorated with 700 sculptures and ornaments to glorify people in the soul and also it is arranged with 64 artillery on two decks.

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This ship was costing around 200REX Dollars in the King’s Currency to built• The ship vasa was created in 1626,started in 1627 and due to the destiny it drowned to the sea on 10thAugust 1628.Finally,after 333years it rescued on 1961.Now this warship is used as museum ship for education and memorial purpose.*Main aim of Vasa:• To defend Sweden against attacks from overseas and also conducting wars on other countries• To curb hostile ports while on the war and to carry armed forces,military weapons to attack the opponent *Blooming of Vasa:• In January 1965,Master shipbuilder henrik hybertsson and his brother,arendt de groot(a businessman) signed a contract for the vasa with Swedish navy.This agreement is called for four new vessels to be construct to the state navy.Two were smaller and other two were larger with stump of the ship of about 108ft and 135ft respectively.

• On the authority of admiralty’s construction,The first large ship was to become the vasa warship.To construct for one large ship and two smaller ships,master shipwright ordered timber woods from the royal forest in the season of spring(1625).• A severe storm hit the navy in the gulf of riga.consequently,10 ships were lost.

instantly,the king asked fleming(King’s Representative) to get the two smaller ships for the replacement of the loss.Later in october 1625,he replied it will be getting ready soon for launch.after that in November,The King ask for to make some alternates in the ship is to increase the feet for taking more armamants for additional support.• Unfortunately,The king’s specification doesn’t match with the hybertsson.then he ordered to do it with given dimensions.

during 1626,hybertsson getting sick,Then his assistants Hein jacobsson and johan isbrandsson those have no management experience has started to manage the shipyard.Hybertsson passed away in the spring 0f 1627.• Admiral fleming appointed jacobsson to lead the project with the 400 labours.on the other hand,The king changing the pans by getting the idea from the big danish warship(called The Sancta Sophia) and by the order it was finally launched in the late 1627 and getting ready with the final furnishing of painting,fitting ornaments and sculptures.But the king keep changing the plans to make the vasa pride.• The boatswain and joran mattson witnessed the test with vasa,said that the bottom of the is short and not enough belly.Neverthless,The admiral divert with the reply that the shipbuilders has already built so you no need to worry.

Finally,The Great VASA was launched on August 28 with 150 passengers,including of children,womens and officers.*The Invesigation:• At the time of vasa sank,the king was in Prussia.The News of the disaster reached him,He wrote unconditionally that the accused party should be found and punished.captain sofring hanson was arrested and immediately imprisioned.

He had lost the ship and men.After he arrived,the investigation starts on 5th of September.• In the first enquiry,captain confirmed that the guns were perfectly shielded and the crew were good and then the question moved to about ballast.

He replied,ballast are more than 100 and it is tested with Joran mattsson.• Erik jonsson kremer,commander of artillery, was convicted and accused of misleading ballasting of the vessel. But after the enquire with him no guity has found.• In the end no criminals were found Gustavus Adolpus acknowledged all measurements and weapons, constructed according to shipping instructions and loaded with the number of specified guns. Eventually, no one was found to be punished or careless and found guilty.*Rescued• After 333years,an old ship was caught off beckholm in the middle of Stockholm.A private person for five years has been engaged in a search of shipping his name was Anders Franzen.Doing research on that,At last he found that this was the Great Vasa Warship.Then this is published in the newspaper in 1956.*Conclusion• From my view,the pride of vasa warship was very good.But,unfortunately it gets I concluded that this disappointment was made due to because it had a very low initial stability and also they changing the plans continuosly to their convenient.*References:• From Wikipedia(The Vasa ship)• From Youtube Videos(The sinking of the vasa)


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