Case during the R&D phase development .

Case StudyCorwin CorporationQuestion 011A) Corwin corporation Top Management was a Conservative For specialty product The Project Manager always comes from marketing even during the R&D phase development . If the specialty product should mature into a full product line than product manager should be assign right at the onsetProject was staffed with less than optimum resources (specially the project manager) and also have not any prior experience in this type of project.Procurement department not exist that deal the Contract and Corwin Corporation Technically not measure the Scope of the Project. Integrate the Project work and evaluate the key performance measures for Product development.1b) Corwin first rejected the work from PC (for every good reason) but changed its mind after learning of the financial incentives.This fundamental error was aggravated by Corwin Corporation accepting a fixed-price contract, Because CC focus of anticipated contract of $125,000 paid on contract signing.

Five years contract and if the product can be developed it is extremely beneficial for Corwin Corporation.Project Manager not identified the Risk and not make Risk response plan to cater the Risk. They done the contract on rough idea.Question 022A) Ignoring the normal protocols when putting proposals together by using unskilled personnel leads to deficiencies in technical matters, faulty documentation and poor consultation with Stakeholders which adversely affects the budget, the profit and the company’s reputation.Stakeholder must be Included in Communication.2b) the role of a sponsor is to ensure the correct information from the contractor organization is reaching executive in the customer organization that there is no filtering of information from the contractor to the customer, and that someone at the executive level is making sure the customers money is going to spent wisely. Many Project fail due to the passive support of Project sponsor.

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Question 033A) Leadership and decision makingThe immediate procurement of all material a mistake because Ray already reported that to boss that the first five tests were failures and that we’re changing the direction of the project. At that time West said that,”I’ve already purchased $30,000 worth of raw materials. Your matrix uses other materials and will require additional expenditures of $12,000.”CommunicationFormal and informal communication are faulty leading to inadequate documentation, misinterpretation of data (deliberate and accidental).

Authority omissions in contacting prime internal stakeholders at all, and lack of clarity as to who has authority in the project. He failed to communicate changes made to the test matrix to the line staff because he was “embarrassed”. Additionally, he did not report the in-house representatives’ actions to his superiors.

Project manager should have some qualities which need to be considered by Corwin Corporation like a project manager should have a very high communication skills with that manager can communicate with all people who are working on a project. Also manager should have good qualities of work to do so safely and be completed on time. 3b) the project manager procured all the raw materials for the project before the contract was signed and before all the tests were finalized. The failure to manage the procurement process resulted in the project exceeding its budget due to changes made to the test matrix. Finally, the project manager failed to manage scope change in a proficient manner. His failure to do so resulted in additional issues such as the dissatisfaction of most employees working on the project and cost overruns.Question 044A) The organization culture, style and structure influence how project are performed Corwin has maintained a functional organizational structure for more than 15th years the functional manager don’t have a full control on Project budget and resources but the Project manager have full control. 4b) Corwin’s risk-adverse culture only allows them to bid on less than 10% of specialty project requests.

This indicates that more than 90% of projects are potentially lost to competing companies. Even though their current strategy has proven to be highly profitable for the company, research suggests that, “product life cycles have been shortening as the innovations of others make existing products obsolete. Corwin’s R&D departments’ capability is restricted by the fact that they are mainly focused on examining technological advances and its possible application in their existing product line. This indicates that other manufacturing enterprises may have a competitive advantage over Corwin. Thus, Corwin’s long-term sustainability may be in jeopardy.Question 05Corwin with a set of processes specifically targeted at helping them resolve the issues face with scope management, contract management, human resource management, communication management and so forth. Furthermore, if the implementation of this framework does prove to be successful and increases the number of specialty project undertakings by Corwin, then they should consider increasing the capacity of the R&D department to match the requirements.Question 06STAKEHOLDER’S NAME ROLE ResponsibilitiesDr.

Frank Delia Vice President Manage whole marketing group, providing job to them, making new systems, informing senior administrators and execution regarding choices.Pat Ray In- House Representative To watch that all the work has done by the particular principles and within the time, or in other work to cosmetics the advance and afterward report back to organizationDr. Reddy Research ; Development Director To do additionally investigate and build up the item as far as quality and determinations, other thing resembles that they have to co-work with the designing and also promoting office.Dick Potts Contract Person He is in charge of all the work instruments utilized by them, their wages and their supply too.Gene Frimel Vice President Deal with different organizations about the up and coming task and taking choices about matters identified with that division.6b) Manage CloselyBeing a Project Manager Dr.

Frank Delia is the Sponsor of the Project and have High Power and high Interest Manage closely Keep SatisfiedBeing a Project Manager Gene Frimel have a High power but low interest in Project Keep satisfied Keep InformedPat have high Interest he is reporting to direct VP and ensure the Progress of work quality but power is low.Monitor Dr. Reddy, Dick Pots are stakeholder need to monitor.Question077a)Task NameCorwin Corporation Initiation Project Charter Identification of Stakeholder Initiation of Procurement Planning Scop Planning Time Planning Cost Planning Set Basline Performance measurement Execution Manage Project Project Acquire Project Team Monitor and Control Monitor and Control the Scope Changes Change Request Closing close Procurement Close Project Activites 7b) Work Break down Structure Question 088A) 1) Definition of Peter’s company project scope – subject to task supervisor• One assignment need been regarded feasible.• Outline from claiming work breakdown structure.• Plan furthermore arrange have been portrayed2) Scope Verification:-degree watching board• Undertaking degree suggestion• Affirmation• Support3) Observing Scope- Arrangement all the required assets for the venture group• Making arrangements for the venture work• Perceive the advantages for the venture group• Arrange the instruments and gadgets8b) unless the contract also specified the in-house representative had authority to remove a functional employee from the project, Ray should only have been able to make suggestion to the project manager and his company Due to loss of functional employee company loss expertise this cause impact on cost schedule Scope creep due to in house representative scope creep because of small changes without any approval Scope creep impact on cost time scope when scope change than definitely change the cost and time.Question099) There is not integrated change control board to set the boundaries. If the integrated change control board exist than one person may be responsible of the change, changes that comes from direct mange & control work are submitted to ICCB analyze these changes either need to change or not it will decide by change control board and can protect our scope change .

Within scope is the list of the deliverables expected from the customer. Those deliverables should be described in enough detail that you can measure what is delivered to confirm that they meet the stated requirements. If they do, your quality for scope is good.

The same goes for schedule. When you develop a schedule you should measure your performance against the schedule. If you are on schedule, your quality is good. Same for budget. So to me, quality is more than data tables and histograms measuring parts and pieces. Quality extends to the project management process itself, and yes, to the project manager.

If the project is producing the desired scope, on time and within budget, the project manager is doing quality workQuestion1010A) Lack of judgment by executives and accepting a project to please the client in hope of future business even when it was clear that client is simply transferring their risk by awarding the project..10b) he give a whole report of a project like if there will be any risk or any kind of trouble may be occur during the project and also give solution. The Line Manager should have good knowledge about all kind of work.References1- Corwin Corporation Case Analysis – 997 Words | Bartleby.

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