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 Cases of fast food being unhealthy are reported to have grown dramatically over the last few years. Therefore, it is necessary to explore and choose healthier alternatives to fast foods, even if these alternatives might cost much more than the unhealthy fast foods. Healthy fast food alternatives are available to consumers, which they can carry along to their workplaces or school. Hence, the essay will look at the better and healthier alternatives to eating fast food that is unhealthy.Firstly, little dippers are great options, and their preparation involves setting out party trays of fruits and vegetables and mixing them up with lower-fat dips and even with melted chocolate or strawberries for dessert. Besides, for a meal that should be ready in about eight minutes, the consumer needs to begin with a healthy frozen diet such as Lean Cuisine or healthy choice. These meals are good as they won’t provide a lot of meat to the consumers, thus preventing them from saturated cholesterol and fat that can cause heart disease.

Secondly, the other alternatives to unhealthy fast foods are quick side dishes that include frozen, fresh or canned vegetables. Most of the frozen vegetables are fresh and thus have all the essential nutrients. In addition, canned vegetables are equally a good option. Consumers need fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery as well as tomatoes together with fresh fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, grapes, and grapefruit. Quick baked potato provides another good option to fast food as it is a perfect supplement to a meal that is healthy. Besides, the quick chicken meal is a yummy alternative to fast foods and a start to an enjoyable, lean meal. Its preparation involves skinning a whole chicken, then shaking on the spices like pepper, lemon and Cajun spice, or paprika. The consumer can also use rosemary and Thyme depending with his/her preference.

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Afterwards, the consumer needs to put this chicken in an oven-cooking carrier bag and microwave it for around ten about minutes. Easy black bean soup is said to be a great filler-upper, which is a very healthy alternative to unhealthy fast food. Its preparation involves heating black beans and corn whether frozen or canned in the microwave. The meal should be topped up with chopped tomatoes, black olives, onions, shredded reduced-fat cheese jalapeno peppers and slices of lime, to make it eye-catching and appealing. A fast vegetable soup would also work well as an alternative to unhealthy fast foods. Consumers should therefore, rely on frozen and canned foods when hard-pressed for time.

Canned soups have some component of flavor, and hence when the consumer adds more vegetables, fish, beans or grains such as quick cook rice and barley into them, he/she is diluting the calories and sodium in the meal and at the same time adding proteins and fiber.Finally, most grocery stores are located in the same area as fast food joints. Furthermore, some supermarkets have prepared food sectors that contain ready-to-eat options such as grilled salmon and chilled vegetable salads. Other healthy foods that don’t need preparation comprise mini bananas, nuts, hummus and baby carrots.

The last option would be to invest in a lunch sack that is insulated and put in a meal that can be whipped up quickly. 


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