Causes any hazard in front of them.

Causes of road accident Accident define as unintentionally and unexpected incident that could happen and leads to damage or injury. Road accident can occur anywhere and anytime without we know when it will happen. Sometimes we do not realize our action lead to accident also can cause harm to people surrounding. Base on research every year an estimated 1.2 million people are killed in road crashed, 50 million are injured. The causes of this road accident are because of over speeding, distraction to driver and jumping in red light.Firstly, most of fatal accident occur due to over speeding. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) the reason why it leads to fatality is the higher of the speed of travel, the greater impact of collusion and the more serious the resulting of the injurie can be.

Usually people speed at highway since it is the straight road so the driver is over confident and less sensitive about any hazard in front of them. As the saying goes ‘Stable door after the horse has bolted’.Next is distraction to driver also can cause an accident for example is using phone while driving is the major distraction now day. As already informed by the authorities those who have to answer emergency call need to pull over beside the road so it can reduce accident to happen, but today people mostly distract to application that called ‘Waze’ it is navigation that show us way to go if there jammed it will show other way to avoid jammed. The hazard is the driver need to focus on direction the ‘Waze’ show so it decreases our focus from the road. According to Worldwide, the US National Safety Council expose that 1.6 million accident per year is because of using a phone while driving.

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Last but not least, beating the red light is a normal thing as a driver used to do. Usually they cross the red light is because they are running late such as late for school or work. Certain traffic light make them wait quite long so they loss of patience and make a decision to break the traffic law at the same time risk their life and other driver life. According to Roileen Miller ‘this was attributed to people losing patience. They are in a hurry to get to their destination. Therefore, they drive fast and consequently try to beat the light’.

In a conclusion, everyone known that over speeding, distraction to driver and jumping in red light lead to accident but they do not take it as a lesson or as a safety precaution. My suggestion to reduce this issues need to spread the major causes of road accident to everyone to make them aware about this issue it is because we have only one life. In other way authorities can enforcing the law such as give a penalty for those who breaking the road law.


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