CDR must be made of a maximum of most extreme twelve individuals, four of whom were selected full time for a long time and shape the agency of CDR, while the part-time individuals were named for 3 years. With the new regime, the new decree instituted a board of six directors of departments, appointed every five years; the presidency, projects, programs, finances, legal and administrative matters, technology. They held the office until late 1990 at which point the government had again appointed a board of twelve members in accordance with decree law 5/77.

On this basis CDR management continues despite the change in the part-time members’ numbers over the years.The staff , technical and logistic, was recruited especially on the criteria of competence and experience.Starting with a small number the staff had expanded over the years to fill the posts foreseen in the organization chart,which undergone several amendments, according to the needs.In addition to the presidential bureau, members of the board of directors and the delegate of the government, the CDR has six principal administration: planning and programming , projects , fund raising projects, finance, legal and administrative matters.Each of the administrations consists of several departments. Between specialists and support staff.

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The CDR has nearly two hundred fifty employees.


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