Celebrities natural disaster they will play a concert.

Celebrities have a positive influence on teenagers. Teenagers idolise celebrities and try to be like them more and more hoping to be one themselves.

Celebrities teach teenagers that giving back to the community counts. Every year celebrities donate more and more to charity and teenagers are following in their footsteps. Linkin Park is a great example of doing charity work. They founded a charity called Music for Relief when after a natural disaster they will play a concert. All the ticket sales will go to the charity and they will distribute it to the people affected by the natural disaster. They have done this on many occasions. They even have a new charity called the One More Light Foundation named after one of their songs “One More Light.” They played a concert in honour of the band members who passed away, the reason they founded the charity and help around the world. All the profits are to stop suicide and help with depression. Athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and John Cena collectively donated over $10Million U.S. with Ronaldo donated over $7.5Million and John Cena donating just over $2Million U.S. Bill Gates the world’s richest man has donated $26Billion U.S. and 36% of Microsoft’s Net Worth over a time period of 40 years. Bill Gates also pays for some children’s treatments because their parents can’t afford it. Teenagers are learning that they can make a difference if they donate money or time. The celebrities are influencing them by their actions of doing good.

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Celebrities use their voices for people who can’t. Arianda Grande an American singer and actor played a concert for the Manchester bombing victims after her concert was stopped mid-show. All the people who were at the concert originally were given free tickets to the show. Stormzy a rapper from England wrote and produced a single for the London Grenfell Tower attack. There are lots of other charities that do similar things, KidsHealth, The Salvation Army, World vision, countless others all helping and donating time and money. Actors such as Leonardo De Caprio, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson have also donated to these charities or similar. Many of these people not only donate money they also donate their time and work. A lot of these people would work hard and go to the charity and do their all to help. Cristiano Ronaldo paid for a little boy’s surgery and then went to meet the boy and played soccer with him, he donated a large sum of money to the hospital he was in. Lionel Messi heard about a boy in Syria who had a blue rubbish bag around him with white tape and Messi written on the back so Messi had the boy flown over to Spain and he got a free tour of the stadium and got to meet his hero. Messi paid for the village to have water and to rebuild some of the houses. Usain Bolt paid for a running track back in his hometown in Jamaica and even helped build it, he and a small boy with cancer were the first 2 people to race on it. Youtuber Casey Neistat had a very long youtube video with lots of ads on it and all the money from that video went to a charity in Las Vegas after the Las Vegas shooting. Casey Neistat did this to raise awareness and to prove that no matter where you are whether you’re in your room or at the place it happened you can make a difference.
Celebrities show that people can overcome challenges and chase their dreams. It’s their dream to be just like their hero or heroes and try their hardest to be just like them. Teenagers would chase their dreams because of celebrities. Keanu Reeves never had a hero. His inspiration was acting itself having loved it his whole life. After his father left at age three, he, his mother and sister moved to New York. He struggled at school because he suffered from Dyslexia and was bullied his whole life. He eventually landed a big role in the four-time Oscar-winning movie The Matrix. It was the start of somethings for Keanu but he gave 90% of his profits to charity. He doesn’t own a fancy car, he lives in a normal house, he refuses to re-marry and fall in love after meeting the love of his life then having a stillborn. She later divorced Keanu and died in a car crash. Colonel Sanders, the inventor of KFC was at the point of suicide after being fired from 10 different jobs. He bought a chicken and some spices with his last $20. After selling it door to door he realised he had a talent for cooking. After 1 week of doing this he had enough money to buy a permit and sell it with a cart in local streets. After 1 month he bought a shop and turned it into a KFC fast-food restaurant. After 1 year there were thousands located all around America. When Colonel Sanders died KFC was worth just under a U.S. $850Million and today it is worth $1.8Billion. Lionel Messi arguably the greatest ever soccer player winning 5 Ballon D’ors the most prestige award in soccer talks about how Diego Maradona was the reason he played soccer. Diego Maradona won the 20th century FIFA Co-Player of the year. Mike Shinoda a member from Linkin Park biggest influences are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Public Enemy. He stated that one day he wanted to be as big and famous as them. After going quadruple platinum (the highest rank in the music industry) in Europe and diamond (the second highest rank in the music industry) in American the band was set for fame.

People say that teenagers abandon their priorities because of celebrities but most actors act because they love acting and always have, most teenagers don’t just quit their part time job or leave school because of a celebrity. When celebrities try to show off their product or advertise something they made they could just be doing it for the company and they might be getting a small amount, people don’t know how much they’re paid. Even if they do get paid a lot for an ad they might donate it to charity or a hospital like Ronaldinho. Nick-named the “Magician” he was one of the greatest soccer players of his generation. He donated all his earnings from his work with Coke and Pepsi.


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