Celebrity the endorsement or the selection of

Celebrity Marketing is a strategy where apopular person is used to present the endorsement of a product. (“Celebritymarketing”, n.

d.). This popular person could be a sportsman, actor, singer,professional cook or a cartoon character (“Celebrity marketing”, n.d.). Why dobrands use celebrities in marketing? Brands do this because celebrityendorsement has become a vital part of marketing. Addition to this, theadvertisements in which famous faces are involved, usually get instantattention and trust of public. “Nowadays,1 in 5 UKand US advertisements feature a celebrity in order to reinforce and enhance thetrustworthiness of their messages, making endorsement an essential globalmarketing tool” (Rebrentseva, 2014).

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Currently, celebrity advertising isperformed through television commercials, magazines, social media, radio,newspapers, etcetera. In the same way, an endorsement of manufactured goods bycelebrities has been making an impression on consumers and marketing inpositive and negative ways; however, there are also some aspects that should benoted before the endorsement or the selection of celebrity.The first paragraphwill shed some light on the benefits to use celebrities in marketing. First ofall, a product endorsed by a well-known personality builds brand’s fairness andtrust. “People are emotionally andmorally connected with their idols.

Celebrities are no less than any idols forthem. In this highly populated world, every celebrity that you will come acrosswill have over a million fans, and thus getting the thumbs up from them shouldbring a lot of success for your business. Now when these millions of peoplewill join your brand, your brand’s market value and reputation willautomatically improve in the shortest period of time” (Mello, 2014). Secondly, an advertisement which has been made by aloved face or celebrity for a brand would help people to remember ads; as aresult, people can easily distinguish that advertised brand or product in otheravailable brand names in the market. Thirdly, millions of euros or dollars arebeing spent by enterprises on celeb endorsements. Some giant brands are worthbillions in themselves like Coca-Cola, H, Nike, McDonald’s, L’Oreal,Samsung, etcetera; for now it is obvious that consumers are disposed to purchasinga product when they see a known face in the adverts and most of them alsobelieve it ought to be a superior quality because they observe some credentials(Annoying, 2016).

“Most fans wouldbelieve that if their favorite stars think the product is favorable, then theywould most likely buy the product! At times, the brands can speak for itself ifthey are big name brands anyway” (Annoying, 2016). Then, it makes the brandstands out from competitors. Every brand in the market attempt to stand uniqueor to show its matchlessness in the marketplace by practicing new promotionalstrategies like commercials, discounts, exhibitions, but having anunanticipated huge personality could be an excellent way to be noted. Last butnot the least, it magnetizes new costumers. Many time people who see the nativecelebrity in an advert for a specific product might be persuaded to test theproduct after some time.

On the contrary,there are also some demerits of using celebrities in marketing of manufacturedgoods. To start with, when a celebrity starts getting less popular, then, thefigures of their fans would fall too. Thus, the marketing of his/her advertisedproducts acquires less recognition in the marketplace. After that, somepersonalities are really huge, and the brand could be promptly outshined by thefame of that person (Mello, 2014). If this occurs, devoting millions of eurosto such adverts begins to make no logic at all; several commercials even focuson celebrities excessively, this means there is no brand remembrance (Mello,2014). Significantly, celebrity endorsement is very expensive and there is noassurance that it will bring rewards in trade. For this reason, companies mustthink beforehand to hire any prominent figure because there would be no turningback after spending too much money. Another point is that there is always someskepticism from people about the product that the celebrity really uses theproduct which he or she endorses (Scotto di Santolo, 2015).

Last of all, some brands do not make good earnings out of their adverts whenthere is no such good matches between the celebrity and their product; forexample, if a fitness model endorses cement or an athlete endorses cigarette orfast food.There are somefacets that companies need to consider in celebrity endorsement. Above all, companieswill make sure that there must be a good match between the product and thecelebrity, and brand had better associate celebrity’spersonality as well. For example, “Porschehas recently signed tennis player Maria Sharpova for her power and elegancethat she brings into the game.

This same power and elegance is what describes aPorsche as well. Thus, we can say that it was a perfect association” (Mello, 2014). Likewise, choosing a famous figure is advantageousfor brands, even so, the indispensable for companies will be to use that celebrity which has a good image inpublic. Next, people prefer less purchasing a product which is advertised bythe celeb who endorses numerous brands or products. Thus, this can lead thebrand to the reduction of their effectiveness, so they must select the icon whoendorses not many brands. Subsequently, companies should hire personages oncontract basis because when the fame of personages decrease, then the count oftheir followers also falls. Finally, they should focus more on their products ratherthan celebrity itself during the advertising of their product or service.             Inconclusion, celebrities are frequently being used in marketing nowadays.

Undoubtedly,a famous personality fills glamorous in an advertisement which attracts buyersof every age group, and it really does influence the purchasing behavior ofshoppers. However, advertising cost is the biggest issue for companies. Inshort, practicing marketing or advertising through celebrities has its ownmerits and demerits; nevertheless, it could save a dying brand or service.


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