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center23002311409410012100center700007040880Data Communication and Networking CPT 107
9410010000Data Communication and Networking CPT 107

TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc528217179 h 1Aim PAGEREF _Toc528217180 h 2Scope PAGEREF _Toc528217181 h 2Assumption PAGEREF _Toc528217182 h 2Solution PAGEREF _Toc528217183 h 3Physical topology PAGEREF _Toc528217184 h 4Logical topology PAGEREF _Toc528217185 h 5IP address schema PAGEREF _Toc528217186 h 5Devices and hardware selection PAGEREF _Toc528217187 h 6Security considerations PAGEREF _Toc528217188 h 7Design consideration PAGEREF _Toc528217189 h 7Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc528217190 h 7References PAGEREF _Toc528217191 h 8Appendix PAGEREF _Toc528217192 h 8
This document is an assignment work, which is a requirement of the module (Data Communication and Networking). This work is based on a given scenario to design, implement and simulate a network. This work is dedicated to AltM Pvt Ltd.
In this document, a medium-size network will be designed and implement new infrastructure for AltM Pvt Ltd. Through this networking system, the company can effectively reduce daily running cost, the company internal works can be more systematic and well organized, and the communication of the employees in the company can become more efficiently. The network can be used to share files, share company programme. Employees can communicate with one another some network communication programmer such as ICQ and MSN Messagers. Besides, many employees can share some expensive hardware such as color printer. Finally, employees can use the network to search information.

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The scope of this work is to designing a networking schema for AltM Pvt Ltd, according to the given scenario. According to expansion plan of the company, there will be;Head office (3 story building)
New Building (Acquirement of a nearby 5 story building)
In the head office, the top floor will be for the top-level management authorities such as chairperson, board of directors and secretariat. Moreover, the ground floor will be for reception area, visitor’s area and consist of few discussion rooms. In addition, head office will have an Audio/Visual room as well as a meeting room.
In the new building, the top two floors (fifth and fourth floors) will be for the Manufacturing Department while the third floor will be for the Research Department. Moreover, the ground floor will be for showroom and parking.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, the research and manufacturing department will be highly secured and under 24/7 surveillance monitoring. Similarly, the reception and showroom also will be under 24/7 surveillance monitoring.
The following are the assumptions made in designing and implementing the network infrastructure:
Employees are willing to change operations to take advantage of the functionality offered by the new network.

AltM Pvt Ltd will ensure that the finance are available as needed to design and implement the infrastructure.

AltM Pvt Ltd will ensure the existence of a technological infrastructure that can support the network infrastructure.

The current network infrastructure is very poor and acquiring a new building require a new network infrastructure to be implemented.

In this part we are going to discuss some solution for existing current infrastructure. In order to solve wireless access point problem, MNU can install 2 or 3 wireless access points at every campus with high speed internet.

Moreover, installing backup system is important. Because now in MNU more than 2500 students are studying. So it is MNU responsible to secure all students and course data. There will be different ways that MNU can secure data. One way is MNU can install two server. Therefor all data will be safe and chance of losing data will be like impossible.

Furthermore, to solve hardware and software problems, MNU have to buy hardware like routers, switches and firewall from CISCO like company. And genuine software and OS have to buy from Microsoft or from Ubuntu or Linux. Also computers used in MNU must have at least 4GB Ram and i5 processor.

0118110000Physical topology
New building
0721169500Head office
044196000Logical topology
IP address schema
IP Address Schema
New building
Name Default Gateway DNS Server Start IP Subnet Mask Total No. Hosts
New building (ground) VLAN 10 | /24 254
New(1 floor) VLAN 20 | /24 254
New(2 floor) VLAN 30 | /24 254
New(3 floor research) VLAN 40 | /24 254
New(4 floor manufacture) VLAN 50 | /24 254
New(5 floor manufacture) VLAN 60 | /24 254
Main building
Name Default Gateway DNS Server Start IP Subnet Mask Total No. Hosts
Head office (1 floor) VLAN 70 | /24 254
Head office (2 floor) av room VLAN 80 | /24 254
Head office (3 floor VLAN90 | /24 254
Static IP for Critical End Devices
End Device VLAN 1 IP Address
DNS/Web/Email Server VLAN 1
File Server VLAN 1
Router 1 Default
Router 2 Default
Devices and hardware selection
Name End device Model
New building (ground) 6 Computer System
1 Switch
2 security camera 2960
New(1 floor) 20 Computer System
4 Switch
2 security camera
3 server
1 Router
1 core switch 2960
DNS, email/file
New(2 floor) 17 Computer System
2 Switch 2960
New(3 floor research) 21 Computer System
2 Switch
2 security camera
New(4 floor manufacture) 1 Computer System
1 Switch
2 security camera
New(5 floor manufacture) 10 Computer System
1 Switch
2 security camera
Name End device Model
Head office (1 floor) 7 Computer System
1 Switch 2960
Head office (2 floor) av room 8 Computer System
2 Switch
1 security camera
1 Router
1 core switch
1 projector
1 speaker 2960
Head office (3 floor 17 Computer System
2 Switch 2960
Estimated Budget
Computer System 107 300 32100
Switch 16 3,295 52720
Security camera 11 160 1760
Router 2 500 1000
Core switch 2 5,995 11990
speaker 1 200 200
projector 1 240 240
TOTAL $100010
$100010 =MVR 1542154.2
Security considerations
Networking potentially raises greater security issues and problems such as data loss, viruses and malicious attack. Typical preventive measures to avoid network security threats include:
Security settings are configured in routers
Security camera will be there for all secured areas like server room and research room.

There will be Vlan for each floor.

Antivirus software is used in all computer system.

All routers and switch password is enabled.

Restricting access to the network infrastructure to authorized personnel only.

Design consideration
To bring accessibility design, following things are applied:
There will be one server room in new building 1 floor.
There are main three servers. They are DNS, web/mail and File server. Servers are I n middle of server room.

In server room, two security cameras are at up corner.

Main two router will be there to connect two building. Each router in connected to core switch.

Each floor have Vlan connection.

Av room have Projector screen and sound speaker. Two security cameras at corner.

Manufacturing and research room have security camera.

A medium-sized company network has been designed and every parts of the network have been carefully analyzed. After creating this network, it will ensure the run cost of the company will be reduced since the computer resources can be better used and managed. In addition, communication between employees can be more efficiently.

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