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center473548BM0970 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism – ICA 1Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism ManagementIndividual Report11540067000BM0970 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism – ICA 1Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism ManagementIndividual Report3841618100822Class: HS180200Class: HS18023765187799037Date of submission:00Date of submission:center790008446770Name: Charmaine MakAdmission no:182229E1154000Name: Charmaine MakAdmission no:182229Eright23002457452018760098002018Table of ContentsContent page…………………………………………1Introduction …………………………………………..2Purpose……………………………………………….2,3Season…………………………………………………3Theme…………………………………….


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….3,4Target Audience Suitability…………………………..4,5Cost Analysis………………………………………….

5Marketing Platforms………………………………….5,6Conclusion……………………………………………6,7Appendix………………………………………

8,9,10,11Bibliography………………………………………11,12 -914400-952501.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 Tourism in Japan is increasing steadily, especially in Singapore. Many more Singaporeans are visiting Japan which caused a 15 per cent jump globally in travel interest to Japan in 2015. (straights times,2016). In a study conducted by TripAdvisor, measuring markets showing the greatest year-on-year rise in travel interest to Japan, Singapore was found to be the second top inbound source after China ,with a rise of 37 per cent in 2016. According to many travel agencies in Singapore, bookings to Japan has increased by up to 25 per cent in the last year due to a drop in the Yen currency, lower fuel surcharges, and more charter flights to more places in Japan.

(straights times,2016). This shows that Singaporeans are important contributing factors to Japan’s tourism industry.2.0 PURPOSE2.1 According to Dynasty Travel’s director of public relations and communications Alicia Seah, there is a strong push for tourism and opening of different types of market segments as part of Japan’s preparations to host the 2020 Olympics. In order to achieve Japan’s target of attracting 20 million tourist a year by 2020, I propose a 4D3N travel plan to Japan concentrating on Tokyo and Hokkaido, for Singaporeans, with a maximum of 10 participants.2.2 Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is known to be a mix of traditional culture and modern buildings and technology.

In one direction can be an impressive brightly lit tower, while another direction can be a historical shrine. Known as Japan’s coolest city, there are unlimited amount of interesting attractions, activities and nature that will definitely make this an unforgettable trip. Targeting families in Singapore, the travel plan aims to help families have a fun and enjoyable time in Japan, experience -901700-107950Japan’s unique culture and food, be able to relax, and at the same time be able to bond with their family.3.

0 SEASON3.1 The season in the travel plan will be spring which will be in March. Spring in Japan is known as the cherry blossom season. This is a very popular time to travel to Japan due to the abundance of pretty pink bunches of flowers which are actually blossoming cherries. They look alike pink clouds and are extremely beautiful and magical.Other than cherry blossoms,spring in Japan it is also a season where a variety of flowers bloom.The scenery looks incredible with colourful and fragrant smelling flowers blooming everywhere.In addition ,spring is the strawberry season in Japan and many people go strawberry picking, as the strawberries in Japan are really huge and sweet.

The weather in Spring is usually about 17-22 °C and this temperature is perfect especially for Singaporeans as a break from the hot weather back in Singapore. The weather is also not too warm and not too cold making spring the most comfortable season to travel in Japan.4.0 THEME 4.1 The theme for this travel plan is Spring with family, in Tokyo. Families will love it with a myriad of things to do and see in Tokyo in the Spring season.

From fruit picking, to cherry blossom sight- seeing, to picnics, to spring festivals, events, and parades, there will be plenty of fun, exciting and also relaxing activities for the families to participate in. Strawberry picking is a popular activity for families with children. Fruits in Japan is expensive but its quite cheap if you pick them yourself.Going to a strawberry farm for strawberry picking is inclusive of the 4D3N trip.

This will take place in Strawberry House,which is in the Kanagawa prefecture.They offer -901700-127000strawberry picking with 4 types of strawberries including Akihime,Benihoppe,Yayoihime and Oishiberry.Stawberry House is customized for children,with large ,safe children-friendly spaces with playthings which makes this the most perfect strawberry picking house for families with children. Best of all, they will get to enjoy the sweetness of their efforts at the end of the sessions with the basket of juicy strawberries they have picked!5.0 TARGET AUDIENCE SUITABILTY5.1 Singaporeans has one of the longest working hours in the world.

According to data from the Manpower Ministry, Singaporeans work an average of 45.6 hours a week from January to September.In such a fast paced stressful environment in Singapore,Singaporeans frequently make use of their leave days and holidays to travel in order to relax and recharge their energy.

Thus,the short 4D3N trip will be perfect for those who need a short getaway from work,school and stress.5.2 As this trip is targeting families,there will be children who are still in school.School holidays usually falls in March,June,September,November and December.Families usually go on holiday during these months during their kids holidays.

The spring season is the perfect time as it starts around March,just right on time during the March break.5.3 In addition,the Singaporean dollar is much stronger than other currencies thus they are more willing to spend more in other countries where things are not as expensive.With the introduction of budget airlines (eg,Scoot) and also seasonal promotions of airline tickets, travelling has become cheaper than ever.

This travel plan is suitable as more Singaporeans can afford to spend and travel.-914400-1206505.4 According to Peter Phang,Singaporeans,as cosmopolitan people,love to travel to experience different cultures, food and lifestyle.Also,Japan is a modernised country and communication will not be difficult since most of the Japanese can speak simple English ,and many signs in Tokyo are in English too.Tourists participating in this trip need not worry to as the tour guide will speak fluent English. Thus,the itenary is perfect for Singaporeans who love to experience new things in a comfortable and convenient environment.

6.0 COST ANALYSISTOTAL COST (1 adult): ¥ 48744 TOTAL COST (1 child): ¥ 393546.1 *The table of costs is in the Appendix*7.0 MARKETING PLATFORMS7.1 Digital marketing through social media.According to a report,70 per cent of Singaporeans are active regular social media users.It also shows that more than 3 in 4 use social media with an increase in 22 per cent from 2016,with 800000 new users.(business times,2017).

Social media is integrated in most Singaporeans lives,and many are using social media during their day to day activities.Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms.This platforms make it easy to post pictures and descriptions which can be shared to others, and seen by many users.

7.2 Traditional advertisements such as television and newspaper advertisements.Many Singaporeans read the newspaper frequently and also watch television regularly.

According to the TodayOnline newsapaper in 2013, 65 per cent of Singaporeans said they trust television advertisements.Through these -901700-88900advertisements,the details of the tour could be spread by word-of-mouth- if Singaporeans who saw the advertisement are interested.This is in fact a very effective way to allow more people to know about the tour.

7.3 Online advertisements. A large number of Singapore use the internet daily with numbers constantly increasing due to the continuous advancements in technology. People can access the internet through their smartphones, tablets or computers, anywhere and anytime with the introduction of wifi. Sinaporeans go on the internet for many reasons which include watching videos,doing work,researching for information and many more. While online, advertisements are hard to be missed.This is a productive way to reach out to a wider audience in Singapore.

7.4 Blogs and travel forums.In a survey for Hubspot’s Asia Pacific Content Marketing Report in 2016,47 per cent of Singaporeans said that blogging was an effective marketing platform for them. Many Singaporeans tourist tend to book their stay online. They will usually go to travel forums and blogs to find information about the location they are travelling to,like what are the attractions there,what are the dos and don’ts ,where is the best and cheapest accommodation deal,and many more.Many people really trust blogs as the bloggers have already travelled to the destination and the experience they blog about is exactly what they had experienced before.Creating a blog promoting the tour will be a constructive way to attract and get the attention of Singaporeans who are planning for a tour.

8.0 CONCLUSION8.1 This 4D3N tour is created specifically for Singaporeans. Who are interested to take a short getaway to relax and have fun with their families. It is cost effective and left-133350convenient, with everything planned out and arranged accordingly allowing the tourist to tour and explore Tokyo comfortably and safely.

With Spring being the most beautiful season to visit Japan, there is no doubt that the trip will be a very exciting, enjoyable and memorable trip for all.left-139700009.0 APPENDIX6.0 Cost Analysis*6.14D3N Food Accommodation ActivityDay 1 Lunch: ¥2500Dinner: ¥1500 ¥13875 Cherry blossom sightseeing (free of cost) + Strawberry picking (¥1800) / (¥500 ) +Yebisu beer museum (¥500 )Day 2 Breakfast: ¥1980Lunch: own expenseDinner: own expense Disneyland(¥7400) / (¥4800)Day 3 Breakfast: ¥1050Lunch: ¥1280Dinner: ¥950 Sumida Aquarium (¥2050) / (¥600 )+Tokyo Skytree (¥3000) / (¥1500 )+ ShinjukuDay 4 Breakfast: ¥1029Lunch: ¥2000Dinner: ¥1650 Ueno Zoo (¥500) / (¥200 )Total ¥13939 ¥13875 ¥15250 / (¥8100 )Cost of coach (adult): ¥ 5680 Cost of coach (child): ¥ 3440TOTAL COST (1 adult): ¥ 48744 TOTAL COST (1 child): ¥ 3935410.0 4D3N Tokyo tour itineraryDay Time ActivityDay 1(12th March 2019) 1.00 pm Check into 3- star hotel (Hotel Lumiere Nishikasai )2.00 pm Hop on the coach for a 42 -minute ride to Strawberry House in Kanagawa.

2.45 pm Reach Strawberry House for a strawberry picking session which lasts 30 minutes. Tourists can enjoy picking large red, juicy strawberries with their own hands and can choose to eat them fresh right after the strawberries are picked or also can choose to keep them to bring back home to share with others.3.

00 pm Depart to Meguro river for a 33 -minute ride.3.40 pm Reach Meguro river where tourists will get to stroll along the river and admire the beauty of the cherry blossoms .There are plenty of modern cafes,shops and restaurants located by the river and tourists will be able to shop and eat while enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms .

Tourists can relax and enjoy this time with their families.5.00 pm Dinner by Meguro river and tourists can enjoy the magnificent view of the sun setting with the pretty cherry blossom by the river6.00 pm Tourists can enjoy the night view of cherry blossoms with illuminations from colourful paper lanterns stretched along the river.7.00 pm Travel 15 minutes to the Museum of Yebisu beer which is located nearby and embark on a tour to learn the history of Yebisu beers and learn the whole process of beer making. At the end of the tour there will be a beer tasting session where tourists will be given 2 different glasses of beers to taste.9.

00 pm Set out for a 40 -minutes coach ride back to the hotel.10.40 pm Reach the hotel to rest for the night.Day Time ActivityDay 2 (13th March 2019) 9.30 am Depart for Disneyland for a 13 -minute short coach ride after breakfast in the hotel .9.45 am Free and easy Disneyland fun with family, where families can explore seven theme lands and enjoy the rides and attractions and have a magical, exciting experience.7.

30 pm After having fun in Disneyland, hop on the coach for a 25 -minute ride to Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari to enjoy shopping at bargain prices with a variety of global brands’ stores. Families can have a relaxing time walking around the mall and shopping from luxury brand stores and tax free shops to end the day.9.30 pm A 40 -minute drive back to the hotel.10.10 pm Reach the hotel to rest for the night.Day Time ActivityDay 3 (14th March 2019) 9.30 am Depart on a 23 -minute coach ride to Sumida aquarium.

9.55 am Located on the 5th and 6th floor of the shopping complex ,Tokyo Solamachi, the Sumida aquarium is home to more than 100000 sea creatures.Tourists will be able to explore a wide array of beautiful and unique looking marine life in a relaxed and cool environment.After visiting the Sumida aquarium, tourists can head down to the conveniently located Tokyo Solamachi shopping mall, which houses more than 300 stores to shop and have lunch.3.00 pm Visit Tokyo skytree which is located right beside the Sumida aquarium.

Tourists will get to experience being at the top of the worlds tallest tower of 364 metres and admiring of the spectacular view of Tokyo. The Tokyo skytree has large tall windows that provides a clear 360 degree view of the city and tourists can take their time to take pictures of the amazing view together with their families.4.30 pm Head down to Shinjuku5.00 pm Shopping in Shinjuku, which is surrounded with large modern malls with numerous varieties of cafes, souvenir stores, and everything one can wish for.

Tourists can also have the opportunity to enjoy unique Japanese street food with a large variety of stalls to choose from. Tourists can enjoy the evening relaxing and shopping with their family.8.00 pm Depart for a 35 -minute ride back to hotel.9.00 pm Reach the hotel to rest for the night.Day Time ActivityDay 4(15th March 2019) 9.30 am Hop onto the coach for a 27 -minute ride towards Ueno zoo.

10.00 pm Reach Ueno zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan. Ueno zoo will provide an amazing experience for the tourists allowing them to walk around the zoo to explore and learn about the diversity of the unique animals.1.00 pm Depart Ueno zoo for the hotel.

2.00 pm Depart from the hotel to Haneda Airport.11.0 BIBLIOGRAPHYBibliography n.d. Bocanegra, Ginette. pacific daily news. 11 october, 2017.

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