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centertopDocument titleDocument subtitle 76500Document titleDocument subtitle 2200017094203000030175207060056600centerbottomSchoolCourse title765000SchoolCourse titleTable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Description of the Business PAGEREF _Toc493093505 h 4Role of The Entrepreneur PAGEREF _Toc493093506 h 5Use of Technology PAGEREF _Toc493093507 h 6Potential of Growth PAGEREF _Toc493093508 h 7Justification for Location PAGEREF _Toc493093509 h 9Location of Business PAGEREF _Toc493093510 h 10Selection of Appropriate Labour PAGEREF _Toc493093511 h 11Sources of Fixed and Working Capital PAGEREF _Toc493093512 h 12Type and Level of Production PAGEREF _Toc493093513 h 13Quality control measures PAGEREF _Toc493093514 h 14Linkage PAGEREF _Toc493093515 h 15Potential for Growth PAGEREF _Toc493093516 h 17Government Regulations PAGEREF _Toc493093517 h 18Ethical Issues PAGEREF _Toc493093518 h 19Profile Dimension 1: Organization PrincipalDescription of the BusinessBusiness Idea: Solar powered battery pack phone case.

To create a cellular phone case that protects an individual’s phone from external liquids and scratches as well as offering renewal charging features. This phone case has a built in solar battery that is depleted before the phone’s internal battery is utilized. The solar panels are inserted in the case to enable the recharging of the in build solar battery.

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The user has the option of choosing to use either the internal battery or the solar battery. their lifestyle.Type of Business: Partnership: The business idea is based on photo cell technology, a highly specialized technology that took years to develop. It is felt that the business would benefit from forming a partnership with the French company Beacon and Samsung who has vast experience in the technology in this specialized area. The specific type of partnership will be limited liability partnership.Our Mission: Solar Charge Box: is focused on providing cost effective energy saving solutions to developing countries. We strive to enable individuals to utilize cost free the rays of sunlight which is eco-friendly and at the same time doing their part in creating a sustainable world. Our products and services help to use energy efficiently, and generate clean renewable energy.

We seek to make the world simpler by making more with less.Objectives: The objectives of the business are to offer to the consumer a cost effective way to charge their devices while protecting the phone and minimizing the number of accessories that the user has to carry. The objective of the business is to produce a solar charge box, that is an all in one solution to the user, a case, charger and additional battery. Role of The EntrepreneurRole of The Entrepreneur: is to promote and to attract funding for the venture.

Three functions of the entrepreneur to secure the most suitable person for the project, to raise funding at the lowest interest rate and to and to secure markets for the product.Use of TechnologyUse of Technology: to enhance the efficiency and profitable of the business we intend to Advertise the product through social media and establishing a website. This technology will give us direct access to our targeted customers.Potential of GrowthPotential of Growth:Profile Dimension 2Justification for Location Justification of the location: target audience for this product is persons who work outdoors and industrial users in additional to the individual who wants a cost effective way of charging their mobile device. New Kingston is the central business district in Kingston and has a high volume of traffic giving the business increased marketing options spanning a wide demography. Location of BusinessLocation of the business: business will be set up as mobile Kiosks in the central business district to include New Kingston, Half Way Tree, Montego Bay, farmer’s cooperatives, and any other outdoor facility open to the public. The business will also have a virtual platform from which to operate with the establishment of a website from which potential customers can place orders. Selection of Appropriate LabourThe type of labour necessary for this operation will be combination of highly skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled employees.

The number of persons employed in each category and duties that they perform as follows. Our business will have approximately 100 employees made up as follows: Ten (10) highly specialize employees in the field of solar technology; these employees will be responsible for the scientific and technical aspect of the production of the solar battery and panels. Seventy (70) semi-skilled technical employees to assemble the solar battery and panels on the phone case.

Twenty (20) unskilled employees to undertake mundane and manual task i.e. labelling and packing.

The reasons for this combination of employees are:Skilled Employees – these employees are necessary because of the highly specialized technology Required to produce the product. Semi- Skilled Employees- to lower the cost the cost of production and provide the source to evenly reduced the number of skilled employees. Un-skilled Employees- to keep the cost production to the minimal. Sources of Fixed and Working CapitalSources of Fixed and Working Capital: the sources for both will be same namely from each partners ten (10%) and a loan from a bank for the remaining (80%).

Type and Level of ProductionType and Level of Production: The level of production will be secondary due to the fact that we are manufacturing and assembling solar batteries rechargeable with solar panels. Our level of production will be adequate to supply the local demand and for export to countries with topical climate all year round.Quality control measuresQuality control measures: The aim is to deliver a product of the highest quality product. Two measures to achieve this are; Visual Inspection:Batteries are inspected for proper appearance of battery case, terminals, seals, markings, and the absence of electrolyte leakage.

Several samples each day are checked for compliance with specified dimensions and tolerances.Vibration Test:Sample batteries are subjected to vibration is any direction at the rate of 2000 cycles per minute and amplitude of 0.1 inch (2.5mm) for 2 hours. No signs of damage, leakage, or change in electrical characteristics are expected.

LinkageLinkage: Profile Dimension 3Potential for GrowthPotential for Growth: in the domestic and international market will be positive as usual will to come to realize that the huge cost saving over a period of time will compensate for the initial cost of the product which will be more expensive than the conventional battery.Government Regulations Government Regulations: should seek to provide a regulatory environment that seeks to promote and encourage the manufacturing of the product by giving the business fiscal incentives. The impact of these incentives will be to lower the cost of production there by making the end product cheaper to the consumer.Ethical Issues Ethical Issues: the manufacturing of this product poses to serious ethical issues save that the employer should not seek to lower cost of production in effort to increase to increase its profit margin at the expense of its employees i.

e. long working hours, low wages and oppressive working conditions.Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY There are no sources in the current document.


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