Challenges the classroom can help in the

Challenges arise when variations of the teachers’ awareness and implementation of ESD programs happen. Teachers need to be adequately equipped and prepared in implementing the directives of sustainability in education. Recognizing early childhood teachers’ awareness towards the implementation of ESD in the classroom can help in the formulation of program standards on how to embed ESD concepts in the early childhood years. With this, teachers can integrate sustainability concepts in the teaching-learning process in unison. However, review of literature revealed that there is a dearth of information on how ESD programs are being understood and articulated in basic education schools especially in the early childhood setting which creates a gap which this study aims to fill in.

Hence, this study aims to unveil the ESD in Early Childhood Education Curriculum: Teachers’ Awareness and Implementation. Although there may be some studies and policies that recognize the significance of ESD, little is known regarding how ESD is grasped, assimilated and carried out in the teaching-learning process particularly by the teachers in the early childhood setting. This concludes that further exploration is needed for better realization of the ESD goals at the grassroots level.

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