Write a program in C

CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT # 1 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (UCT-145)SUBMITTED BY: NAME: SHIVANGI GOYALUID: 18BCS1228BRANCH: CSESECTION & GROUP: 3-(B)DATE OF SUBMISSION: 18 SEPTEMBER,2018SUBMITTED TO:BALJINDER KAURASSISTANT PROFESSORQ1. Write a program in C to make such a pattern to make right angle triangle with a number which will repeat a number in a row.

#includeint main(){ int n,m,i,j; printf(“enter the number of rows and columns”); scanf(“%d%d”,&n,&m); for(i=1; i=180 or total in maths and subjects>=140.#includeint main(){ int math, phy, chem, tot,sub,x; printf(“enter the marks of maths “); scanf(“%d”,&math); printf(“enter the marks of phy “); scanf(“%d”,&phy); printf(“enter the marks of chem “); scanf(“%d”,&chem); tot=math+phy+chem; sub=phy+chem; x=math+sub; if(math>=65 && phy>=55 && chem>=50 || tot>=180 || x>=140) { printf(“eligible for course”); } else { printf(“not eligible”); } return 0;} Q5. Write a program in C to display multiplication table vertically from 1 to n.#includeint main(){ int a,n,i,t; printf(“enter the number of terms”); scanf(“%d”,&n); printf(“enter number whose table has to displayed”); scanf(“%d”,&a); for(i=1 ; i

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