Changes change in the next decade, is staffing.

Changes in Management NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Changes in Management Which Management Function Will Experience the Most Dramatic Changes in the Next Decade? Which Will Have the Least Amount of Changes?The management functions include planning, staffing, organizing, controlling, and leading and are important in the management of organizations to ensure that the organizations are successful in achieving their set goals and objectives. The management function, which will drastically change in the next decade, is staffing. Staffing has already been transformed due to the changes in the business environment and diversification of organizational goals. Staffing involves the process of implementing the necessary workforce required in achieving organizational goals. People are distributed to different areas in an organization to perform different roles, which is important in enabling the organization to achieve the desired goals. The reason for choosing staffing is that it has continued to evolve for the last decade as it is impacted by the other management functions. With the advancement in technology, the staffing function has continuously been impacted with new ways of job advertisement, job selection, and the interviewing process which has led to the changes currently experienced under the staffing function.

The management function, which will have the least amount of changes is the planning function as this function only requires determination of the mission and vision of an organization. This process has not changed much over the past decade, as this function does not involve other aspects as the other management functions. The other management processes are important and must be continuously modified to ensure that efficient and effective processes are integrated in the management process. Since the planning process is unique to every organization, it is not likely to be impacted by other organizations as this process involves determining the organizational goals, which are unique to every organization.

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The basic principles of planning have remained the same over the last decade with minimal changes in the mission statements of organizations.References


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