Chapter terms of NPL on financial performance.

Chapter 03METHODOLOGY IntroductionThe review of literature in previous chapter produced conflicting views emphasizing the impacts of credit risk in terms of NPL on financial performance.

This chapter is the way of solving the research problem systematically. It presents not only the research methods, but also the logic behind the methods which employed in this study.This chapter is devoted to explain the developed conceptual framework and methodology of the study, in order to identify the macroeconomic determinant on Interest Rate Spread (IRS). To arrive at a conclusion of the study, it is needed to gather and analyze the required data. Under the research methodology, this chapter describes the dependent and independent variables, developed models and data analysis methods. Conceptual frameworkConceptual framework is the sitemap of the research.

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It helps to get a brief idea of the research. Under this, researcher has tried to explain the research briefly. It shows the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variables.The dependent variable is open innovation and the independent variables are research partnership, research service and commercialization of intellectual property in this research. 5819775-952500-323850-104776-323850-1047750 Independent variables dependent variable Academic contribution open innovation19811992952752857576200Research partnershipResearch partnership 376237595885Open innovationOpen innovationH119805651536701980565106045285751270Research serviceResearch serviceH20316230Commercialization of intellectual propertyCommercialization of intellectual property H3 -3238503759200 Open InnovationThe idea is open innovation consider as corporate innovation activities are more like an open system than the traditional model. At previous time R&D is a very important component in the organization. When increasing competitiveness many organizations tend to use open innovation. In Sri Lankan context many organizations are tend to use open innovation for their business process.

For an example the collaborations with customer and, the supplier are relatively higher whereas collaborations with universities and R&D labs are lower CITATION Cha091 l 1033 (Chandana, 2009). According to chesbrouh (2003) open innovation concept can be devised into two main parts .those are inside-out and outside-in.In outside-in process educational institution is a one element many research articles have observed regarding relationship between academic sector and open innovation .according to Reinchiled veugelers (2014) article provide an evidence for contribution of academic staff to promote open innovation.

As described this article academic staff can provide their contribution to open innovation through the transferring IP, technology transfer, university patents and provide scientific park. According to prekman and walsh (2007) article it emphasis that academics can provide their contribution to open innovation through the Research partnership, Research service, Commercialization of intellectual property, scientific publications, shared infrastructure, human recourses training and transfer and informal interaction.Based on above information researcher build up hypothesis by considering the Research partnership, Research service, Commercialization of intellectual property as independent variables and open innovation consider as depended variable.Research partnership


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