CHAPTER annual report, direct mail, advertising, websites, fax

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.1 OverviewAccording to Conrad & Poole (2012) communication is an activity of sending message between individuals and groups. Meanwhile Frandsen & Johansen (2011) defines organizational communication as an activity of collecting and coordinating information to reach the goals of both individuals and the organization. Usually communication in an organization comprise into internal and external communication. Both communications playing important role for the achievement and the growth of an organization. The effective communication between participants of an organization is considered as internal communication (Johnson, 2013).Internal communication in an organization can take place by intranet, emails, meetings, and face-to –face communication and so on.

Meanwhile, external communication refers to transmission of information from members of organization to an outside party such as shareholders, investors, customers public and so on. Medium like annual report, direct mail, advertising, websites, fax and so more were used to perform the external communication. As we know, the effective communication in and out of organization will helps the employer and employees to perform the basic function of organization without facing any difficult. Communication not only acts as a source of information but it also playing crucial role in an individual’s attitudes such as like well informed. It also let the employees to up to date regard the task they have to do. So it’s clearly shows that the direction of information flow in an organization also playing vital role to impact the both employer and employees engagement in an organization. Besides this, I’m also wanted to analyze about the communication flow practice by this department.

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Direction of communication flow refers to how information flow within employees one to another in an organization. Information can be flows by four directions in an organization such as upward, downward, horizontally and diagonally. The flow of information in an organization is depends upon its structure.It is understood that excellent organization communication will lead to the success of an organization along with will makes a manager to perform better in organization.

Better organization communication also helps to shape the people’s attitude.1.2 Research Questions1.

What are the types of communications used in Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels?2. What are the communication flows practiced by the Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels?1.3 Research Objective1. To determine the type of communication used in Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels.2. To determine the communication flow practiced by the Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels.1.

4Importance of the studyCommunication play fundamental role for organization’s development. Therefore it is important to maintain the effective communication within the organization. For example, successful communication in an organization will build strong relationship between manager and employee. Engaging the employees by internal communication will lead strong teamwork between the them with all levels of the organization. Through the strong teamwork the employees will work together to achieve the objective of organization.

When an organization practices good communication among employees then it will also cause external organizational communication to run smoothly with third parties such as suppliers, customers, public and others.YTL Hotels is one of the hospitality team of the dynamic conglomerate of YTL Corporation Berhad. YTL Hotels involved in ownership and operation of hotels and resorts. YTL Hotels are known throughout the world due to their first-class service.

Marketing Communication Department of YTL Hotels engage with customers and clients. At the same time, they also organizing many events such as corporate events, golf events, seminars and conferences and so on. This shows that the Marketing Communication Department of YTL Hotels has directly interacted with customers and clients of YTL Hotels. It also demonstrates that the importance of internal and external communication is essential to maintaining relationships with third parties.This study is carried out to determine the internal and external communication implementations in Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels. At the same time, this study also intended to find out the communication flow practice by the organization. We understand that every organization practices different direction of communication flow to send an information. So it is important for each organization to identify the appropriate direction of communication flow for their organization.

Besides this, the trainee also will propose some recommendation to overcome the weakness and thread which faced by the Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels via the analysis of SWOT. By improving the weakness and maximize the thread, the trainee believe that the organization will perform the organization communication with more effective. It also will let the employees perform better while the external parties of the organization satisfy with the service provided by the organization.1.5 Scope of StudyThis study is carried out at in Marketing Communication Department of YTL Hotels.

This study was conducted to find out how efficiently the team was implementing the organization communication between them and others. Employer and employees of Marketing Communication Department was used as respondent to carry out this study.This study was carried out starting from 20 February until 20 June 2018.

Internal communications in the Marcom department can be classified as a communication between different members or parts of the organization whereas external communication at the Marcom department is the process whereby communications take place with people outside the company such as customers, suppliers, shareholders and so on.1.6 MethodologyMethodology is a method of how we analyze the information and data we collect. So in this study, the trainee has used the SWOT analysis to assess internal and external communication as well as the communication flow implemented in the Marcom Department.

Some of the techniques were used by the trainee to collect the relevant information for this study. Among there are, observation, personal experience and informal conversation with colleagues.Throughout the four-month training period, I as a trainee was using the technique of observation to observe the implementation of communications that took place in the Marcom Department.

The trainee is looking at the interaction of the Marcom Department with their team members as well as communication with others who are entities in the company’s external environment. This observation technique allows the trainee to collect the accurate data about how the communication process was implementing.Beside this the trainee’s personal experience also can consider as a technique to gather information. Personal experiences like direct conversation with the supplier, vendor, or client of Marcom department. The experience is different than other method because the trainee needs to communicate directly to them and not as the third party. Communicate with the own team whether formal or informal also let the trainee to experience and collect more relevant information which is needed.Informal conversation is another way used by the trainee to collect the information.

Informal conversation is about sharing information between socializing employees which is outside the formal. Some people refer it into ‘grapevine’ also. The trainee was having numerous informal conversations with her co-workers to find out the communication implementation they used in Marcom Department. Can be said that having informal conversation is more much easier and can get information as much as we can.

The trainee was having informal conversation with her colleagues and manager. We cannot have the specific time range for the informal conversation. Informal conversation can happen anytime and anywhere. It is not like formal conversation which has specific time range and specific location for it. Here the informal conversation takes place at several venues such as like café, restaurant, office, and shopping complex. This will make the conversation more comfortable and relax.CHAPTER 2: ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND2.

1Background of the organizationYTL Corporation is one of the integrated infrastructure developers in Malaysia. Its parent company owns the widest range of business internationally in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and United Kingdom. YTL Corporation Berhad also the largest company listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

The corporation experts in construction contracting, power generation, cement manufacturing ; related activities, property development, hotels, resorts and leisure, technology incubation, carbon consulting and REIT. YTL Hotels is one of the merger of YTL Corporation Berhad which includes impressive dynamic systems and the provision of popular hospitality services. The company continues to grow successfully to international levels. YTL Hotels hope that it will create successful partnerships to develop real estate in emerging markets around the world at competitive prices.493246-6630100 Figure 2.

1: Logo of YTL Corporation Berhad7637931178860 Figure 2.2: Logo of YTL Hotels2.2 Location and Map of YTL Hotels253621982172The YTL Hotels office was originally located at Plaza Yeoh Tiong building. It is part of YTL Corporation Berhad which is located at 4th Floor, Plaza Yeoh Tiong Lay, Jalan Bukit Bintang, and Wilayah Persekutuan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Office location is shown below. Figure 2.3 Location of YTL Hotels2.3 Organizational Chart of Marketing Communication Department92467348830500I was appointed as an internship student under Marketing Communication Department. I was assigned under Madam. Jessica Yong Fu – Qwen. Besides this, I also frequently assist with one of the Executive PR of Marketing Communication Department, Ms.

Nurlynnie Abdullah. Sometimes I also directly interact and deal with my department Vice president, Madam Geraldine Dreiser. Ms. Jie Ling as an Assistant manager was responsible in planning and hosting media events and visits. While Ms.

Felicia was hold the position as Social Media Manager and she was responsible to post content in social media regarding YTL Hotels. Below is the organization chart of Marketing Communication Department of YTL Hotels. This organization chart flow will help the members of Marcom to know better about their role and responsibility between them and organization.Chart 2.1: Organizational Chart of Marketing Communication Department2.4 Vision, mission and goal of YTL HotelsVisionMaking A Good Future Happen initiatives aim to achieve internally and externally across the four pillars of YTL Group Sustainability Framework – Marketplace, Environment, People and CommunityMissionBuilding the Right ThingForce for good reflects the enduring values that guide our conscience and sustain our passion for creating better conditions for communities around usGoalsTo provide our customers with world class products and services that meet their expectations whilst minimizing the harmful impacts on the environment and local communities around us.2.

5PhilosophyWe don’t just build properties. We craft inspired experiencesYTL Hotels always make sure that they not simply own or operating its properties. They are giving special concern towards the properties design. Each properties of YTL Hotels are varies. They believe that by having unique design for every property will give the best experience for the guests. Being always best in the class is the key factor for all the activity of the organization while it also help the organization to provide best operational and service to their customers.

2.6ValuesCustomer FirstCustomers are the focus of everything we do. Our work must be done with our customers in mind.IntegrityWe demonstrate honesty, integrity and morality in all our relationships. We do not take personal advantage or promote any actions contrary to ethical standards.

OwnershipWe are empowered to resolve guest problems immediately. We pay close attention to details and we take responsibility in everything we do.LeadershipWalk the talk, led by example. We must inspect what we expect.InnovationWe don’t just build properties, we craft inspired experiences. We promote creativity and embrace technology.

GrowthWe are committed to providing all employees with training and development on a continual basis, matched with opportunities for personal growth, enrichment and development.RespectWe respect the individual and the company’s assets. We work as a team.2.7 Core Business of YTL HotelsYTL Corporation is one of the specialty companies that including hotels and resorts under the name of YTL Hotels. Both ownership and management are owned by itself.The hotel business aggressively expand and provide quality, luxury, authenticity and world-class service with the respective categories that customers can enjoy. It also adopts continuous innovation in its management to continue to be competitive in meeting customer needs.

YTL hotels services are include the characteristics of the class with its own style and the success of it is an envy of the Malaysian hotel industry. Few main aspects are really considered for YTL Hotels to sustain their business among other competitive. Mainly the hotels are always set up in ideal places like the city centers and places with more tourist attractions to make it easier for customers. Further, an experienced international standard management system is one of the key to YTL Hotels to sustain a progress in the hotel services. Besides, the YTL Hotels Human Resource and Training systems will always ensure to enrolled and train the employees with high hospitality services to provide the excellent customer services to the customers.The purchasing system also play an important role to improve operating efficiencies by controlling the relevant master files, catalogues, brochures, equipment and supplies of YTL Hotels. Even, the potential customer information will be used as the base of the YTL Hotels under the sales method called Sales Account Management System (SAMS).

It also responsible for communicating corporate brand values of YTL Hotels’ brands internally and externally. It assist in evaluate media plan, execute PR events and involve in hosting media’s Familiarization (FAM) trips.Other than that, the software are developing constantly by the IT division like others too. As a result, the asset management focuses on achieving customer satisfaction, profitability and maintaining competitive advantage.

CHAPTER 3: COMMUNICATION ASPECTS IN ORGANIZATION3.1 Internal Communication in Marketing Communication DepartmentInternal communication is an effective communication between employees in an organization. Effective communication between members of the same organization will make sure that they are working together to achieve the common goals of the organization. Continuous internal communication not only strengthens the relationship between managers and employees but also enhances organizational productivity. According to the analysis done by trainee, internal communication practices used by Marketing Communication Department are such as like, face-to-face communication, emails, meetings, phone calls, share folder system and WhatsApp application.Based on the observation, the Marcom Department was commonly using face to face communication between the members of the organizations.

Face to face communication is important in the term of boosting the efficiency of the members besides increase creativity. In Marcom department, all the members was feel more comfortable when they are communicate through face to face. Before the trainee was joining in duty, a marketing executive was having face to face conversation with the trainee to explain and brief about the job scope of the trainee. For example, my supervisor will interact with me face to face communication when giving a task to do.Every day the trainee was joining the morning meeting at YTL Travel Centre with Sales & Marketing Department. This meeting is for update the staffs regarding of the current progress, upcoming project and customers review towards YTL Hotels.

For instance, the trainee was updated with the current progress of the YTL Hotels. Same goes to for every Monday team meeting with Marcom Department. By joining the team meeting, the trainee can voice out their ideas or opinion during the meeting. It helps to improve the communication skills of the trainee.Besides this, staffs of Marcom Department also frequently use email as an internal communication tool to communicate between them. Email was used to sending and exchanging information between people. The usage of email between staff with same department and between other departments allows the staffs operate effectively.

This is because emails are delivering very fast and it is easily accessible. For example, every employee in Marcom Department was provided with a company email address where it playing as internal email. Whenever the employees need to contact via email mean, they will use this email to pass letters or any documents.Staffs at Marcom Department have the convenience of using landline phones to contact other staff from the other departments related to working assessment. They can be contact with different extension number. By having this kind of phone calls, it helps the staff to maintain the link between departments.Other than that, the staffs from the Marcom Department was using shared folder system among them to access documents or files which related to their work.

Usually staffs are encourage to use this share folder system to share their works in the system so that everybody in that system can view it some more the high authority person can edit it also. This will makes the staffs are updated with what are the task did by the other colleagues of the department. For instance, a staff that are creating itinerary for the media trip will upload it into the shared folder system (google drive) so that the other staffs in that system can view it and can give any opinion regard it.Moreover, we cannot deny that the use of technology in communication is very important nowadays.

The technology usage in organizational communication will lead the communication more convenient and effective. One of the technology usages in communication is using of smartphone to use WhatsApp application. This messenger service is widely used in most of the organization to communicate with one to another.

Marcom Department has their own WhatsApp group for their staff where they can exchange information between team. It also saves the time while giving brief reminder about important information. For example, a staff can update an information regarding the upcoming meeting in WhatsApp group so that the other staffs were updated about it.3.2 External Communication in Marketing Communication DepartmentExternal communication refers to communication between the organization and others from the external environment. Delivery of information takes place between organizations with customers, suppliers, shareholders, investor clients and so on. An organization playing role to spreading news and information to both internal and external parties.

Every organization work hard for maintain the relation with the stakeholders to achieve the organizational goals. It also helps to keep a link with the people. The good relationship with the stakeholders will lead to the success of an organization. Based on the analysis done by the trainee, we understood that Marcom Department of YTL Hotels was using external communication practices such as like websites, press release, social media, print media telephone and direct mail.An organization’s website is one of the external communication tools. Professional websites will affect one’s decisions and increase organizational credibility. YTL Hotels have its own website namely “YTL Hotels”. Respective staffs will always update the website by adding new information, images and so on for the stake holder’s view.

YTL Hotel website was concerns about the products and service quality. Having an own website allows YTL Hotels to display their hotels more attractive at here. According to some tourism bloggers, it is understood that most travelers make their final decision on a hotel by visiting the website. For instance, having own website help YTL Hotels to generate more direct booking for the rooms.The second tool used by Marcom department is usage of press releases to connect with third parties.

Press release help an organization to get media coverage. Usually press releases are used by organizations to announce a news that has value to the public. Publish a press release help the Marcom Department to achieve their target audience besides helping to increase the sales potential.

For example, Marcom Department of YTL Hotels did a press release regarding opening of two autograph collection hotels in Malaysia.In addition, social media is another external communication tool which widely used by them to communicate with people outside their organization. Nowadays, usage of social media in marketing gives impacts towards business and the growth of organization. We cannot deny that, the implement of social media into the marketing will boost the brand of an organization.

Marcom Department was use social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to increase brand awareness among the public. They often post pictures or videos about their hotel or resort on social media. For example, customers can write a review on the Facebook page about their experience while using the YTL Hotels service. It also poses brand awareness among the public. The use of social media by YTL Hotels also improves customer relationship management. By letting the customers to mention what they enjoyed and dislike at their services could improve the relationship with the customers.Besides this, external communication of Marcom Department include the publishing of print media like magazines and coffee table books. As we know, print media is one of the oldest form of advertising which is still practice by some organization.

The usage of print media as a tool for external communication will let an organization to reach a wider target audience. Marcom Department publish its own magazine and coffee table books for their customers, suppliers, investors, and so on. The magazine named as “YTL Life” and was publish quarterly to distribute to its stakeholders all over the world. The magazine was contained details about various topics like events held by YTL Hotels, signature experience, fashion, interviews and so on which cover all about the properties of YTL Hotel. The “YTL Life” magazines allows unlimited exposure to its customers. Besides having high level target marketing it also tend to have loyal readership.

Coffee table books of YTL Hotels let the writers to tell more about the properties to the readers. For instance, coffee tables books such as Natural Wonders and A Perennial Feast makes the YTL Hotels more desirable.Communication via telephone is still an important component for external communication.

Having a conversation through telephone whether formal or informal is a best way to get the personal response from the stakeholders. Telephone calls also let the Marcom Department to reach individuals in their target audiences. External communication through telephones with third parties is an interactive way which brings the stakeholders from all over the organization for having conference call at a time. For instance, Marcom Department having conference call with stakeholders regarding opening of new property in United Kingdom.The final tool used for external communication is direct mail. Direct mailing is about where an organization send letters and other promotional materials to their stakeholders. Usage of direct mail is a potential way for Marcom Department to get in touch with their customers. Marcom Department use direct mail to communicate because it is more focused to the target audiences besides cost effective.

Direct emailing also can be personalized. For example, to target the customers with relevant campaigns, Marcom Department was customized the direct mail by including names and personal information of customers.3.3 The Communication Flow in Marketing Communication DepartmentEffective communication flows allow an organization to operate efficiency besides being productive (Golder et al., 2011; Sheldon, 2013; Dong, 2008). Basically there are four types of communication flow namely downward communication, upward communication, horizontal communication and multi- directional communication. Based on the analysis, the communication flow practice by the Marcom Department is upward communication.

Upward communication is flow the information from low level to high level. Upward communication widely used in many organization because of its various advantages. Upward communication enable the Marcom Department manager aware how employees’ feel about the policies, job and the organization in general. This type of communication flow helps the manager of Marcom Department to run the department in efficient way.

The upward communication practice in Marcom Department able the Director of the department to get feedback from employees. Feedback from the employees is important to expend the organization development. When the employees able to give feedback, thus they will feel valued in the organization. For example, The Marcom Department seeking the employees’ feedback once the done any project.Secondly, it also able to build mutual trust among the employees of Marcom Department. When mutual trust was build the employees’ will be close to each other and feel comfortable to share any information.

When the trust grows, the relationship of the employees also become stronger. For instance, the mutual trust between the employees was foster friendly relation between one to another.Other than that, upward communication develop creative and innovative ideas among the employees.

Creative and innovative ideas could boost up the organization profit. Employees can enhance their talent and critical thinking skills via using the upward communication practice.Employees express their opinion to the Director of the department in upward communication.

This will enable the top level management to know the employees attitude. This also let the management to find out how far the employees satisfied with the organization policies and procedure. For example, upward communication practice in Marcom Department make the employees to inform to the management about what is working and not working in their new plan.Upward communication makes the upper level management to receive information from the employees. Those information is important to develop any new plan or projects.

For example, the employees of Marcom Department was assist to find out the possible stakeholders for their upcoming “Eat, Pray and Love” project. This would help the department to implement an effective plan for the upcoming project.Decision making process is important to an organization. It will directly impact the organization’s reputation.

Usually the top management need accurate and credible information from their employees before they make any decision. The employees of Marcom Department supply information to the top management through upper communication. For instance, the top management can make decision with easy and quicker when they receive information from the employees.From the analysis, it is clear that upward communication in Marcom Department was create a harmonies working environment. It also make the employees feel empower.

When the communication required the feedback from the employees, it will increase the job satisfaction too. This will directly assist the department to achieve its goals and target.CHAPTER 4: ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION (SWOT ANALYSIS)4.1 SWOT AnalysisSWOT analysis is a foundation that measure what an organization can do and cannot do (Men, 2014). SWOT analysis divided into two part. Strength and weakness are the internal part of an organization while opportunity and threads are exists in the environment.

SWOT analysis helps organization to evaluate issues inside and outside of an organization. SWOT analysis is a part of strategic planning where it’s working to achieve the organization objectives. I have go through an SWOT analysis over communication practice at Marcom Department in YTL Hotels.Table 4.

1 shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Marcom DepartmentSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSIncrease the employees’ productivityEmployees was updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basisUsage of various internal communication medium/toolsCreating better workplaceSource of informationBuild trust among employees The trainees were not updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basisThe trainee was not given training to undergo their tasksLow moraleIncrease mistakesOPPURTUNITY THREATSMaintaining strong brand image in themarketBuild strong professional relationshipsTo increase one’s creative andinnovation in workplace Rules and regulationsGlobal economic situationChanging of customers tasteCompetition4.1.1STRENGTHSa)Increase the employees’ productivityBased on analysis, the first know strength is increase the employees’ productivity. Effective internal communications at the Marcom Department are constantly increasing the productivity level of the employees. It has a tendency to affect the conduct of employees and their way of delivery of their work. Efficient communication is about obtaining clear instructions on the task, sending and receiving of information and so on.

Slack, Corlett, & Morris, (2015) describe that good communication between employees and employers will avoid employees’ turnover. Success cannot be achieved if employees of an organization are unproductive. For example, Marcom’s department employees mostly communicate with each other face to face. When using face-to-face communication, employees of Marcom’s department exactly know what they are expecting from others as well as it leads to a better understanding of them.

Soon it increased the productivity of the Marcom Department.b) Employees was updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basisSecond, staff at the Marcom Department are constantly updated with the department’s monthly and weekly assignments. When employees are constantly updated with monthly and weekly assignments, they will perform an assignment effectively to achieve organizational goals. Every Monday, the Marcom Department will hold a team meeting to discuss the progress of their current assignment. It is compulsory for everyone to attend meetings to discuss the progress of their work. Through this team’s meeting, every employee in the department is able to see the other employees’ contribution to their overall work. For example, Marcom Department employees share their ideas and views to the Tanjong Jara Resort Retreat Program.

c) Usage of various internal communication medium/toolsBased on the analysis done at Marcom Department, the trainee was found that the department was using various internal communication medium/tools to communicate between them. Mainly the Marcom Department was using internal communication medium/tools such as face-to-face communication, emails, meetings, phone calls, share folder system and WhatsApp application. We need the communication medium/tools to interact with someone. The usage of various internal communication medium/tools will grab the attention of the employees without distracted. Marcom Department using those communication medium/tools to sharing information related to tasks between them. Marcom Department have its own internal email access to communicate between them. While them also using share folder system among them to access documents or files which related to their work. For example, the trainee share the trip itinerary task in share folder system so that the other colleagues can access it without any difficulty.

d) Creating a better workplaceWe cannot deny that internal communication is capable of creating a better workplace. Good communication in the Marcom Department was build positive relationships between the colleagues. This also brings them together to achieve the goals of the organization. Internal communication in the Marcom Department enable the employees to share their ideas which state them as people who create a friendly communication environment.

The morning greetings like good morning with a smile to other colleagues in the department encouraged them to become more motivated and friendly with others. The Marcom department also allows open door policy between their partners. It will ensure that any employee can reach any of them when they need to speak. For example, Marcom Department staff use WhatsApp application services to communicate between them. They not only use it for official purposes but also for informal conversation such as planning for lunch with colleagues. It is actually helps to create a positive workplace.e) Source of informationProviding accurate information is important when it comes to dealing with someone.

Reliable information is required for organization to survive in the market. Internal communication play role as a source of information. This means only through strong internal communication that an organization can supply the information to the right department at the right time. By using face-to-face communication to communicate, lots of information will be shared between the Marcom Department. Important information such as like launching of new properties – The Monkey Island in UK will be discussed through meetings.

Important information about the event launches will be discussed amongst them and will help Department of Marcom employees get enough information about the launch of the event. In addition, the Marcom Department employees also uses landline telephone services to communicate with other departments if they wish to obtain any information. For instance, Marcom Department often calls YTL Travel Center to get information related on room reservations by the customers.f) Built trust among employeesThe final outcome of strength is built trust among employees. Smidts, Pruyn, & Van Riel, (2013) indicates that trust is the basic element of internal communication. Effective internal communication in Marcom department will ensure trust among themselves. Usually an employee wants to believe in the organization that they work and believes in the flow of information that occurs in the department. Marcom Department has built the trust among the employees through demonstrate the organizational policy, problems, upcoming projects and so on.

When a high and confidential information related to the Marcom Department was discussed between the employees in a meeting it will build a strong trust among them will lead them to contribute for the organizational goal. At the same time, it also makes them feel as a part of organization. For instance, Marcom Department was discussing about The Chapman Challenge competition with their colleagues where it was considered a difficult conversation that the department would only know.4.1.2WEAKNESSa) The trainees were not updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basisThe first weakness known in SWOT analysis is that the trainers were not updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basis. As mentioned earlier, all Marcom Department employees must attend the team meeting to get the latest information on their current job.

However, the trainee was not invited to attend the team meeting for sometimes. It makes trainees not updated with the progress on weekly and monthly basis. It causes them to miss the progress of the department. The Marcom Department also does not require the arrival of a trainee to the team meeting. The attendance to the team meeting is on the basis of the trainee’s own preference. It gives difficulty to the trainee to perform well in the team. For example, Marcom Department creates an official WhatsApp group for the department where they can communicate through the group to share important information about their projects but the trainee does not add to the group. This also shows that trainees will miss some important information and information about the progress of the department.

It affects the learning process of the trainee in the department.b) The trainee was not given training to undergo their tasksTraining is crucial for the development of an employee’s performance. An employee’s work productivity will be increased if he / she is well trained. Training is a process where it is use to enhance the soft skills of an employee in a department. Well training will help to overcome the weakness. Employees are usually given training when they join an organization. It will make them aware of rules and organization policies.

Nevertheless, in Marcom Department the trainee was not given training to undergo their tasks. Because of trainee was not trained when joining the organization, the trainees face difficulties in knowing the vision, mission and organizational goals of the organization. The trainee who are not given proper training was faced difficulty to understand their responsibility within their role. It also provides constraints to trainees to identify the problems they face in the department.

For instance, lack of training causes the trainee not perform effectively.c)Low moraleLow morale of an employee will make him/her not happy to come to work. Employee’s satisfaction enables the organization’s success. When an employee morale level is low, their working productivity also decrease. .Low morale not only impact the employee’s performance but it also impact the relationship with customers. The low morale of the Marcom Department employees will lead to more misunderstanding and less empowerment.

For example, employees with low morale will give difficulty to achieve the department goals.d) Increase mistakesAnother weakness was find out is increase mistakes. Lack of understanding will lead the employees to make mistakes. When the trainee really does not understand what the Marcom department expect from her, she is likely to misunderstand the duties. This will naturally will decrease the working productivity of the trainee. Any instruction given to a trainee must be clear where they can easily understood.

The colleagues of the Marcom Department should inform the trainee to ask for clarification if she feel unsure about anything. The same thing should apply to spoken instruction too. For example, the trainee was did some mistakes when preparing the itinerary for the media trip because of poor internal communication with the trainee.4.

1.3OPPORTUNITIESa) Maintaining strong brand image in the marketIdentify the possible opportunities which can use for an organization is important to expend the business more globally. Usually an opportunity is consists of increase loyal customer, involvement of sales and target and so on. Based on the analysis, the trainee was find out some possible opportunities for the Marcom Department. Those opportunities was find out based on the external communication of the department with people outside the organization. The first is, maintaining strong brand image in the market.

The Marcom Department has always paid attention to external communication. They understand that effective external communication of the department with people outside the organization such as like clients, customers, and public and so on will bring the organization to become more successful than now. So, the Marcom Department who plays role as a public relationer always concern about it.

As we know, YTL Hotels is one of the branches of YTL Corporation. It is an organization that involves in owning and managing the award winning hotels and resorts.The Marcom Department of YTL Hotels has been heavily trained in maintaining its brand image of its service and product. It is important to keep the positive image of the YTL Hotels among the public for maintaining strong brand image in the market. In order to maintain the brand image, public relationer of Marcom Department was organized corporate events, charity programs, being a sponsorship and so on. This action will convey good image to the public. Marcom Department was using external communication tools effectively to create strong brand image besides influence the consumer buying behavior. For Example, YTL Hotels has sponsor for Ipoh Star walk 2018 – 3D / 2N stay at YTL’s Tanjong Jara Resort.

By sponsoring an event like this will help to promote the organization widely.b) Build strong professional relationshipsSecondly, build strong professional relationships with external parties of YTL Hotels. Every organization is required to have a good external communication with outside parties to achieve the organization goals besides maintaining the relationship. A better professional relationship with external parties will definitely help to promote an organization to the public. Build a professional relationship based on relationships between suppliers, customers, investors and so on. Through having professional relationship with external parties, Marcom Department of YTL Hotels has the opportunity to know the current taste and interest of customers besides maintaining a link with the people. Professional relationship also facilitates the procurement process of raw materials from suppliers which help to run the business. For example, Marcom Department of YTL Hotels was did a press release regarding opening of two autograph collection hotels in Malaysia.

It shows that press release let the public know about the organization upcoming projects which serve to promote also.c) To increase one’s creative and innovation in workplaceOther than that, effectual usage of external communication tend to increase one’s creative and innovation in workplace. In this new technology era, every organization put great effort to increase the creative and innovative level of their employees. Creativity and innovation is a key to success of an organization. An organization who are using creative and innovation in their work will come out with unique outcome which is different from others. Creativity is imagination or knowledge while innovation is new evaluation of something. Effective communication at the Marcom Department of YTL Hotels encourages its employees to provide creative and innovative ideas and suggestions in solving problems. Positive environment of the Marcom Department makes the employees feel secure to share ideas and thoughts.

Marcom Department was encouraged open door policy in team. It let them to communicate one to another freely. The employees were discussed about what is not effective operate in the marketing plan. For example, employees in the Marcom Department were discussing about the new ideas for “Jalan – Jalan Retreat Programs”.4.1.4THREATSa) Rules and regulationsAll organizations need to interact with their environment as they have a direct relationship with the organization. Rules and regulations are one of the threats faced by the Marcom Department.

The country’s rules and regulations have a strong impact on the organization’s success. Every organization must comply with local laws and regulations to avoid any external problems. State, federal or local changes in law can affect the organization’s services and products.

The Marcom department is always up to date with changes to national regulations and regulations. For example, the Government had previously implemented Goods and Service Tax (GST) levied on most goods and services. So, every hotel room and resort room will include a 6% tax. But this execution has been abolished after the formation of a new government. So YTL Hotel is following the new rules.b) Global economic situationBesides this, global economic situation is a biggest external threat which faced by nowadays organization.

In a bad economy, any well run organization also couldn’t survive. The external economy environment will determines how people spend the money and for what they want to spend on it. The economy’s situation will influence the customers spending choice.

Elements such as currency assessments in the market, market volatility changes affect the business of an organization. In the event of a change in economic conditions, the number of customers visiting YTL Hotels may also change. For example, YTL Hotels also didn’t missed the impact of the economic crisis in 2008 which hit the world.c) Changing of customers tasteOther than that, changing of customers taste is another common threat for organization which involve in product and service business. Customers taste is not permanent. It cannot be predict by anyone.

It will be change according to their mood, interest or else current trend. Marcom Department always find out their customers interest so that they can work towards to satisfy their interest. For instance, the growing of small luxury hotels might attract the people’s intention and this will influence the customer’s decision making.d) CompetitionAll organizations have their own competitor. Competition is the last threat was found via the SWOT analysis. Healthy competition is always leads to innovation. Competition also enable the Marcom Department to identify their competitors. Competitor is the one who are doing a new business or offering the same product and service.

Marcom Department was studying about their product and services provide by their competitor besides the price they charge, how they delivery it and so on. This kind of information will help for having a healthy competition. Employees of Marcom Department usually will looking for the articles or ads regarding their competitors in newspaper or in social media. Having competitor enables the employees of Marcom Department to be highly motivated to think the better ways to satisfy the customers. The employees of the department always give quality service to their customers to influence them besides overcome the competitors. For example, the employees of Marcom Department was lookout for the possible new competitors by getting information via browsing the competitor’s website.

Analyzing the competitive landscape enables the department to know what they need to be addressed.CHAPTER 5: SUGGESTION AND CONCLUSIONBetter suggestions are helpful to create an effective strategic communication plan. Good suggestions/recommendations driven an organization to success.

Here the trainee was suggest some potential suggestions to reduce the weakness and to prevent the threats which was found via SWOT analysis.5.1 Suggestions for weaknessa)Have team building activitiesTeam building enables the employees of a department to become together and encourage each other. Team building activities encourage an open communication among the employees. It improve the relationship among the employees besides motivate them.

Marcom Department should include the trainees into the team building activities to create a friendly working environment. The friendly environment working zone will comfortable the new trainees in the department. For example, having sports day or team lunch increase the trust among the employees of a department. The involvement of the trainee in the team building will make them to think creativity and innovative.

Working together in team building let the trainees to think rationally and critically. Overall, team building activities in a department able to increase the morale level of the trainees and makes them feel as a part of the organization.b) Provide training courses to traineesProper training courses will effective the working performance of an employee in an organization. Provide the suitable training for an employee is vital for the organization success. Productivity of an organization usually will be increase if an organization implement training courses. Short term training courses should be implement to the trainee who are working over in Marcom Department so that it helps the trainees to improve their skills besides let them updated with the department changes.

With the regular training, the trainee would understand their weakness and they are tend to overcome it. When the trainees was provided with proper training, they are advance with new skills to do new and different tasks. It will increase their contribution towards the organization.

Example training courses like on-the-job learning or mentoring schemes can be provided to trainees of Marcom Department.c)Couch the traineesRole of a manager is to support, couching and inspire their employees. This will leads to the high performance of the employees in organization.

Marcom Department manager should couching the trainees to understand what they expect from them to achieve the organization goals. This couching will enables the trainees to understand their responsibility in the department. A manager should take time to understand the trainees and the challenges they faced. For example, the manager can give coaching in the area where the trainees lacking of skills. The manager can provide feedback to the trainee to improve their performance.

It will be helpful to the trainees.d) Get to know the traineeThe Marcom Department should know well about their trainees. They need to take time to learn about them while listen to them. This will enables to build a good relationship between the department and trainees.

Besides this, it also cause impact towards trainees’ motivation and engagement in work. Get to know about the trainees will shows that the department was care about them. For example, the positive behavior of the Marcom Department could impact the trainee’s attitudes and strengthen the relationship all of them.5.2 Suggestions for threatsa) Develop customer loyalty strategyMarcom Department can develop customer loyalty strategy to overcome the competitor threats. They also can increase the hurdle to entry for the competitors into the market.

By introducing an effective customer loyalty program which will rewards the customers leads to maintaining the relationship with the customers. Marcom Department can increase the barrier for the competitors via forming strategic plan with the suppliers of raw materials to restrict access for competitors. Example customer loyalty strategy is reduce their product price without damaging profits levels.b) Aware of change of customers taste and interestAn organization always must aware of change of customers taste and interest. Marcom Department can implant new hotels and resorts development plans in their long-term strategy. By licensing new hotels and resorts from business partners also could prevent the threats. By using celebrities, Marcom Department can influence the decision making of the customers. For example, to promote a new resort Marcom Department can use celebrity endorsement.

c) Changes in the lawYou manufacture backless booster seats but the law says that very soon, in the UK, they are going to be illegal to use. In one swoosh of the statute book, your business is wiped out. Unless you have seen this coming and changed the design. Unless you have jumped on the marketing bandwagon and offered discounts to those who buy your car seats with backs when they traded in the soon-to-be-illegal backless booster seat.d)Continuously monitorMarcom Department should continuously monitor the external environment to spot out the possible threats they could face. They also need to be prepared well to adjust the strategies as a new threats emerge.

Marcom Department can monitor the activities of existing and emerging competitors. For example, price comparison sites could alert the department to low the price competition.5.3 ConclusionOverall this report is about analysis of organization communication practices in Marketing Communication Department at YTL Hotels.

Through this report, we can understand that the importance of communication for an organization. Effectual organization communication is vital for the development of an organization. Organization communication largely describe about how the people of the organization foster better relationship with internal and external parties.Employees are the pillar of an organization.

Their contribution will determine the success of an organization. Employees of Marcom Department was applied an effective internal and external communication practices. It constantly increasing the productivity level of the employees of the Marcom Department. In addition, the practice of upward communication flow in Marcom Department was develop the customer relation besides increase employee involvement.SWOT analysis is very important for an organization where it can identify issues within and outside the organization. Every organization should focus on SWOT analysis to assist in achieving the objectives of an organization. As it identifies strengths and opportunities, it also identifies possible weakness and threats that threaten the Marcom Department.

An organization should reduce the weakness and avoid future threats. Here, the trainee has recommended some recommendations where it can be used for minimize the weakness and excel the threats.An efficient communication strategy enables the Marcom Department in receiving and delivering information inside and outside of organization. The Marcom Department can use the SWOT analysis above to develop and maintain an effective communication plan. Knowing the significance of communication is pivotal. Every employees of Marcom Department should work together for the organization’s future endeavors.


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